America’s First Replaceable Fishing Rod Grip!

Tour Star Grip

Does your old rod need a face lift, or is the cork and or EVA foam worn out? Maybe you just want to help make your favorite rod a bit lighter or a little easier to hold on to and fish with. If any of the above holds your interest there is a new Star on the Horizon, Tour Star Grips. Tour Star Grips were designed to be the first REPLACEABLE fishing rod grip and claim that “whether you’re a Weekend Angler, or a Touring Pro, Tour Star Grips will improve your fishing.

Tour Star Grips use the same V17 material created by the golf industry leader, WINN Inc. Tour Star believes this new gripping surface is more comfortable to hold, lighter in weight, and gives TOUR STAR Grips a better “feel” than traditional cork and states these grips also increase accuracy in casting by allowing the angler to compress the grip while casting.

Tour Star asks in its 2011 Grip Catalog “Why Tour Star Grips?” most of that was answered above but the part I found interesting was the claim to fish well in any weather condition as the V17 was created to stay tacky and provide a solid grip, wet or dry.

Tour Star Grips are available to fit all/most any rod you already have. The standard grips come in 8.5”, 9.5” and 10.5” also in solid color, two tone combos or made to order Logo Grips so you can customize the grips with your individual logo all the above are available in casting and spinning models. Tour Star Grips also offer split grips in 4.5” or 3.125” and both 1.25” butt caps and 2.3” fore grips if desired.

So what is the asking price of this new product? They vary based on your need, $11.99 per Butt/Fore Grip, $12.99 for a split grip, $21.99 per standard grip and $23.99 for the two tone grips or logo grips however the logo grips have a minimum order requirement.

For more information feel free to visit or you can contact them directly at
Tour Star Products
10963 Cutten Rd. Suite A-104
Houston, Texas 77066
Phone: (281) 444-7334 Fax: (281) 444-5448

See You On the Water
Ron “Fogy” Fogelson
Kistler National Pro Staff
El Grande Lures

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