Advanced Jig Fishing Techniques

Just got done watching the new dvd by OMEGA Custom Tackle, “Advanced Jig Fishing Techniques”, that is going to become available January, 7, 2011. After watching the dvd I must say that it truly contains a lot of great information that is sure to improve the beginner to advanced anglers jig fishing. If someone watches the video and they don’t learn something I will be really surprised. The video is approximately 3 hours long and the footage is a work of art! The video is shown in HD. A lot of long hours and hard work went into creating this instructional dvd and it really shows. If you are jig fisherman or wanting to learn how to fish jigs you have to own this dvd. The video was shot on Lake of the Ozarks, Wilson, Wheeler, and Lake Guntersville.

The dvd features OMEGA anglers Roger Fitzpatrick on Lake of the Ozarks throwing the Baby J finesse jig as well as Mike Malone who demonstrates how to fish the finesse football jig. You get to see how these anglers go about fishing their jigs as well as get their tips for fishing these bodies of water during different times of the year. Casey Martin and Elite Series angler Derek Remitz show how to catch the hogs on Lake Guntersville. Derek Remitz talks in depth about how to work the Signature Series football head jig and Casey Martin shows tips and tricks on scoring big with the Revelation Swim Jig.

Almost anybody who has fished the TVA lakes has heard all the buzz about fishing shell beds. OMEGA shell bed expert Allen Johnson breaks down shell beds in this dvd as well. He talks about how to find them as well as expert information on how to locate the sweet spot. Doug Vahrenberg is also featured on the dvd and he talks about how to use Hummingbirds sidescan unit as well for locating prime jig fishing locations. If you are wanting to learn a thing or two about how to use this unit and how to understand what it is showing this dvd has a lot of useful information.

If you want to learn some tips for fishing shakey heads you will find that in this dvd as well. T Issacs and Justin Moore explain how to throw The Savior and the Shakeyfoot shakey heads. Tackle selection as well as what kind of places to fish each type of shakey head is demonstrated. While the dvd talks mostly about throwing jigs it also includes some bonus footage of Roger Fitzpatrick throwing OMEGA’s hot new buzzbait, The Alpha Shad, on Lake of the Ozarks. Roger Fitzpatrick demonstrates how to fish the buzzbait and he reels in some nice fish.

These are only some of the topics discussed on the dvd. I haven’t even talked about half of what is on it. The dvd will be available for order at Be sure to check it out! It is two thumbs up!

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