2017 Bassmaster Classic on Lake Conroe Texas

The 2017 Bassmaster Classic on Lake Conroe Texas is about to kick off, fifty-two of the world’s best angler have prefished, scanned, and analyzed every inch of Lake Conroe. I had the opportunity to talk with several anglers today, the day before the 2017 Bassmaster Classic blasts off. Just like every classic I’ve covered, anglers are all over the place in confidence, predictions, and approaches.

2017 Bassmaster Classic on Lake Conroe Texas

Keith Combs is this year’s favorite; he’s fished Lake Conroe all his life. As Randall Tharp put it, “Keith has twenty years of prefishing, putting him light years ahead of many of us.” I asked Keith if he would swing for the fences, look for just five quality bites, or catch a limit and then go hawg hunting. He was quick to reply, “I may not catch five bass each day, when I do catch the fifth one I’ll breathe a shy of relief.” Keith told us he plans on hitting a minimum of 30-40 spots each day. Keith is known for his ability to catch bass offshore on Lake Conroe. I asked Keith if he was going to be fishing for spawning bass or offshore bass. He was excited to say he has spots for both and looking forward to getting on the water.

For a quick video with Keith Combs click here

Most of the anglers I talked with had the same mindset. Catching a limit is not as important as taking advantage of the large bass Lake Conroe offers. Everyone agreed catching a fourteen to fifteen-pound stringer would be easy. However; to win the 2017 Bassmaster Classic on Lake Conroe, an angler will have to fish for bass in the five to six-pound class, while keeping himself in position to catch an eight to nine pounder. Lake Conroe is a big bass factory, and sacrificing the quick limit for a potential giant bass is going to be key. With the local area having a mild winter and water temperatures approaching 70 degrees, according to the anglers the spawn is in full swing with many spawned out already. Every angler felt spectators could see record-setting stringers with the largest bass ever caught in a Bassmaster Classic happening this weekend.


Randall Tharp took the time to explain his thoughts on fishing for big bass versus just a limit and how it plays into winning on Lake Conroe. Check out Randall Tharp’s in-depth answer in this video click here

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