LaSalle Lake

Lasalle Lake was created as a cooling lake. It is 2058 acres. When they created this lake the dirt that was excavated was used to create the dikes that hold this body of water. This is a “perched” lake, 10, 15 or 20 feet above the surrounding ground level. Rocks that create the lakes walls are not found throughout the lake. There is a point at the edge of every foot of every dike where the rocks simply meet the farm field. This is the mud line. This transition point of shallow to deep water is something fish relate to.

Old creek beds, roadways of aggregate and cut tree lines are down there. Since Lasalle is a current lake, most of the creek beds and roads may have silted over. The only constant is the rocky shorelines and the mud lines at the dikes. Shore length is 20.8 miles. Maximum depth is 71feet. Water quality is 2.2 feet using the secchi disk.

Water is coolest by the boat ramps known as the first pool. So fishing there during the summer months, where the water temp could get as hot as 100 degrees would be best. The bass will suspend offshore.

Lasalle is closed to all fishing and boating from October 16th until March 15th. During the months of October and March, the lake is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Anglers must not use more than two poles and each pole must not have more than 2 hooks or lures attached to the line. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed at LaSalle Lake. There is a 40 mph maximum speed limit on the lake. Two way radios must be turned off when you are within 200 feet of power lines. Sailboats, sailboards and surfboards are prohibited as well as swimming, wading or water skiing. White Bass average .5 lb.

Small and Largemouth Bass average 4.5 lbs. Large or Smallmouth Bass must be 18” or longer to keep. You are allowed 1 per day. The Largemouth bass have a good growth rate. Some trophy largemouth can be had here. Look for them in the northeastern corner. If the water is warm then try some of the ten deep pockets.

A 42 lb. Blue Catfish was caught in 2005. Plenty of 20 and 30 pounders also! Channel Cats as big as 15 lbs. have been caught. Flatheads up to 40lbs. are there too! So, you see, Lasalle’s catfish are a fishery all to themselves. Cast your favorite catfish bait on the southern shore off the bottom near the riprap.

Striped/Hybrid Bass average 7.5 lbs. Striped, White or Hybrid Striped Bass have a 10 creel limit, but 3 of them must be 17” or longer. Striped Bass are doing well here and they grow rapidly. They like to hang around the emergency reservoir at the lake’s southwest end, and over the deep pools. Deep diving crank baits cast parallel to the levee. At the deep pools watch for feeding activity near the surface, then cast small cranks or spoons into the melee.

The East side of the lake is known for its bluegill action. They average 7 to 9 inches.

Winds from the Illinois River Valley can whip up six foot waves. You’ll need to watch the wind-warning light mounted on the southern interior dike. When the light is on, boat launching stops and all boats on the water must head to shelter immediately. A new break wall was added in 2005 to make launching and loading boats easier on windy days. If you can get past the wind, it is a fine fishery in greenish colored LaSalle. This riprap lined lake has an excellent fishery supported by a thriving shad population.

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