Lake Buchanan, Texas

Lake Buchanan is a 22,211 acre impoundment with a maximum depth of 132 ft on the Colorado river in the heart of the Texas hill country.

The lake is very unique in the fact that the East side of the lake Fishes like a Highland Reservoir with High bluffs Numerous rock piles and chunkrock banks. The west side of the Lake fishes like a Lowland reservoir with many shallow coves full of flooded brush and boatdocks.

Located 11 miles west of the town of Burnett,Access to the lake is controlled By the lower Colorado river authority Through many public and private ramps. Camping on the lake is widely available at the public and private ramps and ranges from primitive to full RV hookups..

Bass fishing on Buchanan is extremely underrated. The lake has Very healthy populations of Native largemouth, Florida largemouth and Guadalupe bass. The lake also sports healthy Populations of Striped, Hybrid striped and white bass. The main forage is Threadfin shad, Gizzard shad, Bluegill and Red ear sunfish.

Water clarity varies with the lower third of the lake being normally clear and becoming more stained as you head north. The west side of the lake from Beaver creek up to the mouth of the colorado river is normally stained to turbid, Keeping the fish Shallow year round regardless of water temperature.

Patterns on Buchanan very from typical highland patterens on the East side with Jigs, carolina rigs and deep crankbaits prevailing to typical lowland patterns on the West side with Vibrashocks, Spinnerbaits, Shallow running cranks and weightless soft plastics being the norm.

If you want to fish a truly varied lake, view Bald Eagles, or just want to add a Guadalupe bass to list of species you have caught, then Buchanan just might be lake lake your looking for.

See you on the water

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