Griggs Reservoir, Ohio

Griggs is one of Columbus, Ohio's reservoirs

Griggs Reservoir

Griggs is one of Columbus, Ohio’s reservoirs along the Scioto River that is often ranked in the top ten tournament lakes in Ohio. Griggs Reservoir is 364 surface acres and fifteen miles of shoreline with unlimited horsepower but does post a speed limit. It is located on the western side of Columbus stretching from just below Fishinger Road extending north towards the area of the Columbus Zoo.

The current fishing prospects from the Ohio Department of Natural Resoruces show a very good population of Largemouth Bass and the outlook is excellent. Other species of fish known to inhabit this body of water are saugeye, carp, channel catfish, and crappie. The water tends to be stained to muddy depending on water release from the O’Shaugnessy Dam up river, and the bottom composition is reported to be silt over limestone.

During the main fishing season, April through September, you will find clubs and circuits holding bass tournaments here virtually every weekend and most weekdays. There are quite a few night tournaments held on Griggs as well during the hot summer months. The ski activity has a tendency to make fishing difficult in the areas south of Hayden Bridge.

With the level of fishing pressure, you can see tournaments being won with only one bass under a pound to a limit with upwards of fourteen pounds. In general, you will see bass up to two and a half pounds on a regular basis, but I have seen some weighing close to five pounds come from this fishing hole.

There are many productive areas to fish that include almost every inch of the bank where stumps, fallen trees, and other vegetation grows. There are quite a few bluff drop offs, retaining walls, docks, and rocky areas that attract anglers. Other spots of note are the island north of the Hayden Bridge and the main channel that runs the length of this reservoir.

Some reported winning lures used on Griggs Reservoir are crankbaits, spinnerbaits, tubes, and worms of varying sizes and colors. I have found all to be useful at different times of the year and weather conditions. It seems I have heard of folks catching bass with almost everything available to fill your tackle box/bag at one time or another. Go with your confidence lures and you will be fine once you dial in to the color of the hour.

From I-270 on the west side of Columbus (Hilliard), head east on Mills Run until you cross the bridge over the reservoir. Turn right on Route 33 (Riverside Drive), go to the first light and turn right. Head down the short hill, and make another right to access the two sets of boat ramps. Lodging is easily available all over the greater Columbus area but the closest motels will be in Hilliard and Dublin, Ohio.

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{Sources for information: Ohio Department of Resources Division of Wildlife}

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