Dobyns Rods Xtasy Series

When it comes to bass anglers and their equipment, one thing is certain, bass anglers do not mind spending big money for the “best.” From rods, reels, swim baits, glide baits, and let’s not get into electronics; the price tag is not relevant if the quality is there and it will help catch a bass. When Gary Dobyns built the Dobyns Rod Xtasy, I thought he had lost his mind. All be it the Dobyns Rod Xtasy was no easy or hap-hazard venture, Gary has been trying to satisfy demands of customers for an ultra-high-end rod for several years. And to think I believe the Dobyns Extreme HP series is an ultra-high-end rod?

Dobyns Rods Xtasy Series

Dobyns Rods Xtasy Series

Another truth in bass fishing, anglers want to have the absolute best when it comes to a light, sensitive, and strong bass fishing rod. While I believed the Champion Extreme HP series is this absolute, technology advances thus creating better materials and components to work with. The only problem – advancing technology comes at a price.

Without getting to personal, I am going to admit I have known Gary Dobyns on a personal level for a long time. We have talked about many things from bullets to bass baits, obviously we have talked a lot about rods. Gary has always built the best rod possible with the best components available for various budgets. I have witnessed Gary take 18 months to build a rod, design all the materials and components, send it to his field staff; then scrap it all because he could not do it for the budget he wanted. Multiple times I have heard Gary say it would be too expensive for the customer.

Then there is the flip side to expensive. For upwards of three years, Gary tried to build a rod under a hundred dollars. So many prototypes were evaluated and scrapped because these rods did not meet Gary’s standards. To build a rod for under a hundred dollars, unfortunately materials and components must also be less expensive. These less expensive pieces did not live up to Gary’s standards, so the hundred-dollar rod was very elusive.

Gary was constantly under pressure from customers to develop a super high-end rod. Something even better than the Champion Extreme HP series. Personally, I have always thought the Champion Extreme HP series was the most amazing rod I have ever fished with. I really could not imagine what a “better” rod would feel and fish like? When Gary and I spoke about these customer demands, I would laugh at him thinking there could not be more than a handful of anglers out there willing to pay over $500 for a bass fishing rod. Gary would get this look on his face and tone in his voice and say, “Mike, you just don’t know.”

For years Gary told me there are materials available to build rods lighter and stronger than anything a bass angler can imagine, however the price would be way more than he thought a rod should cost. He tried a couple times to build an ultra-high-end bass fishing rod, but all the projects were eventually scrapped, the cost was just way too high.

When Gary’s customers speak, he listens. This is one of the reasons he has so many different rod models available today. The Xtasy, once a dream of many Dobyns Rods users, is finally here. A rod to make all us Champion Extreme HP users jealous. A rod lighter, more sensitive, and stronger than any rod Gary has built to date. Those already fishing the Dobyns Rods Xtasy series claim it is the lightest and most sensitive rod ever, no matter the manufacture. Anglers who had early possession of an Xtasy claimed the rod was properly named as it is pure bass fishing Xtasy.

Bottom line, when the Dobyns Rod Xtasy hit the market, it was destined to be a big hit with bass anglers. After all, Gary Dobyns built it and we all know Gary builds an amazing rod. Then there is the fact Gary built the Dobyns Rod Xtasy with the best materials and components available. From the cap on the finest of cork handles to the tip top guide, everything on the Dobyns Rods Xtasy is the best.

I reckon all the early exclamations were expected. Who would pay over $500 for a rod and then say they did not love it? However, I am a bass fisherman and I am not immune to the higher price tag illusion. So, I decided to save my pennies and buy a Dobyns Rod Xtasy to see for myself what all the hype was about. If all the hype is true, then Gary is about to shatter my belief system, I believe the Champion Extreme HP series is the lightest and most sensitive rod on the market and have flooded my arsenal with them. How dare Gary go and belittle my love affair with the Champion Extreme HP series?

I have bought two Dobyns Rods Xtasy series rods, a DRX 724C and a DRX 755C. Not only did I want to experience a super high-end rod, but I wanted to experiment with the new sizes. The DRX 724C is seven feet two inches, which is a little shorter than all my Champion Extreme series rods. The DRX 755C is seven feet five inches, making it an inch longer than all my Champion Extreme series rods. As I get time on the water with these two rods, I will write a review of my expectations balanced against the performance. I promise, for this angler, expectations are high.

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