Cool Weather Bass Boat Adjustment

Fall is here and with it cooler weather and water, it’s time for a cool weather bass boat adjustment. At launch ramps every morning, I see anglers underdressed for the cool autumn air. Mostly it’s anglers standing at tournament pre-launch meetings, wishing they wore pants versus shorts. While this is a sign the fishing is going to be better, it’s also a sign the fishing won’t be good enough to keep one’s mind off the chill in the air for much longer.

Cool Weather Bass Boat Adjustment

Cool Weather Bass Boat Adjustment

From now until April, I change out a storage compartment in my boat replacing extra lures with clothing. I do this for two reasons. Initially, this is for gloves, beanie hats, and neck gators. These items are invaluable on a brisk autumn morning when running down a lake. I also find these items helpful into winter for keeping me warm when cabin fever gets the best of me, and I hit the lake. Secondly, I live in the south and many times I only need extra clothing for the first couple hours of the day. After the sun rises, I will peel the extra clothing off and need someplace to store them.

Cool Weather Bass Boat Adjustment Watch The Water

With water temperatures cooling, hypothermia once again becomes a serious threat to life. Take a momemt to read doctor and tournaments bass angler JJ Paton’s article titled Hypothermia- Recognition and treatment. When an angler falls in the water, they need to change clothes quickly. For this reason, I also carry one gallon Ziploc baggies in the boat with extra clothes in them. The first baggie will have a sweatshirt and socks. Another will have a pair of light-weight windbreaker style paints and Under Armor winter underwear pants. These items are not meant to continue fishing with, but rather to get me or my partner dry and then head to the ramp.

With autumn and approaching winter, anglers will experience increasing wet weather. Keeping a parka or lightweight rain jacket at the top of a dedicated storage compartment makes for easy access. When the showers start, a quick dive to the compartment will keep me dry and fishing comfortably. Since rain gear is waterproof, I do not put mine in a Ziploc container. However, using a Ziploc can help keep a dedicated winter compartment organized. When using a Ziploc, don’t wait until the last second to put rain gear on. This extra step might cause a futile effort becoming wet anyway.

We’ve made it through a long hot and dry summer. The cooler days we’ve all been anxiously waiting for are finally here. Don’t get caught off guard; be prepared for the morning chill. Remember a bass fishing adventure is for the catches and not how uncomfortable it was.

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