Bass Fishing with Hollow Body Frogs

Laurie with a top water bass

If you have followed my posts on the Ultimate Bass Forums, or read my articles here on the Ultimate Bass Libraries you will have probably noticed I liked to fish a frog quite a bit. I guess it’s because of the heart stopping action when you get a bite. Could be because I catch larger fish on average when fishing a frog. For some reason, it just draws larger fish.

I have been asked many times what are some secrets to frog fishing. My first answer is always patience. You have to have the patience to continue fishing a frog looking for those good strikes, you have to have the patience to wait until you feel the fish to set the hook, and you have to have the patience to cast to the thickest cover available knowing that there are going to be limbs and debris in your way. Practice is the ONLY thing that will make you better with a frog. With enough practice, you will improve your strike to land ratio and the frog will become a staple in your bass fishing arsenal.

While a hollow body frog can and does work well right out of the package, it is not a bait that can’t be modified just a little. There are times when I will insert a rattle into the body of the frog, especially on windy days. Also, many of the hollow body frogs on the market today will “walk the dog” very easily if you trim one side of the skirt material used to mimic legs. This creates a counter balance, and allows the nose of the bait to swing easily.

We have all experience the hook set problem! Something I like to tell beginners is to add some weight to the frog to allow it to sit a little bit lower in the water. I use the Spro frog mostly, and you can easily add weight by placing the frog under water and squeezing it just a little bit and then let go, it will suck up some water and add weight. This causes the frog to sit lower in the water allowing a bass to suck it in deeper as well as an aid in casting distance.

I could write several pages on frog fishing and will write more as the season progresses so keep watching the blog for more tips and tricks.

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