Ultimate Bass Blog and The Steno Pad

Ultimate Bass Blog and The Steno Pad, writing stories for the Ultimate Bass Blog is a great deal of fun but I couldn’t do it without the steno pad. Ideas for these blogs just seem to pop out of nowhere and into my head without any prior notice. For some reason, the attraction to specific topics seem to represent everyday life and are not a product of some technical presentation. I may be reflecting on something others have said or posted on Ultimate Bass, or it may even be a photo of something that gets the thought wheels turning. Many times, the inspiration is just a product of my somewhat twisted imagination and a less than reverent way of looking at life. Since I have been questioned on several occasions where my stories originate, I thought a blog about this topic might be appropriate.

Ultimate Bass Blog and The Steno Pad

When developing a storyline, I tend to rely on my trusty steno pad. These simple pads have been my mental crutches since I was in my twenties. While the decades have passed into history, my use of steno pads as a memory device remains as it has always been. The steno pad is always on my desk and is chock full of random thoughts tiptoeing through my conscience. Often the pad is full of key words or maybe even topic titles. Writing down these thoughts helps me to recall what was on my mind when I made the notation. Most of these scribbles or notations never become a story, but it does not mean they are forgotten. Usually, I have a note about something and over some period of time I have added more words to the notation or perhaps started to think in more visual terms about what I am thinking about. Often these mental pictures will drive the words that just seem to feel right at the time. I guess my only goal is to produce something readers may relate to by personal experience. I always write stories with the thought readers will enjoy my quips even though they may be a bit off center with conventional wisdom.

Ultimate Bass Blog and The Steno Pad

So here is the deal. My stories are produced by images or words that seem to connect with my random thought pattern. The steno pad keeps me on track when my mind wonders and guides me to complete the blog post. It is nothing more. Bottom line, it is just hard to explain sometimes. This is probably a reflection of my less than attentive nature when it comes to overall organization. Whatever the story is about, I just hope it is an enjoyable read and perhaps makes a smile happen.

Many have stated they just can’t put the words together in a way to make a story. Maybe so, but a good way to start is to write down random thoughts. Every once in a while, visit those notes and add some more words or thoughts to the list. It may lead to a story to share or perhaps develop into a tip or instruction others find valuable. Don’t get frustrated, I have hundreds if not thousands of stories I have written which will not see the light of day. Some of those stories may be just the ticket to rekindle new thoughts.

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