Poor Bass Fishing or No Bass Fishing

When options are poor bass fishing or no bass fishing; sometimes, I wonder if going fishing is worth the hubbub. I have been going bass fishing for many decades and it has created considerable enjoyment. It seems some of the pleasures of the sport have waned over time. I thought I would examine why I am having these feelings.

Poor Bass Fishing or No Bass Fishing

For many years, we have lived in areas where there were many quality bass fishing opportunities. I am not saying it was always the best, but each trip to the water conjured up excitement for the possible. Now it seems this excitement is being minimized and somehow question if the trouble is even worth it.

Poor Bass Fishing or No Bass Fishing

We have lived in our current home for about 25 years. During this time, we spent time on various lakes indulging our fishing habit. Over the years, we would fish South Carolina locations like: Lake Murray, Lake Hartwell, Santee and of course the Cooper River. All these places were quite a way from our home and required travel. In some cases, very early departures were needed to reach our destinations in time to do some quality fishing. It was not uncommon these trips might just include a hotel stay, although it was somewhat rare. Now things have changed for us. Obviously, we are a bit older and don’t particularly care to spend a lot of time on the road. Currently, we are now only fishing the Waccamaw River. This ramp is conveniently located just over a mile from our home. While convenient, the fishing is best described as poor given our previous experience.

Now we find our boat has aged during this time too. We have spent a lot of money for a new powerhead, electronics, fuel, maintenance and a few other assorted repairs. Unfortunately, even with all the upgrades it is an old boat. A failure of one type or another is possible at any time. Last year it became apparent even the trailer has seen better days. The trailer needs so many things an investment in another trailer is actually not a bad idea. Unfortunately, the new trailer is not cheap but is warranted. A boat without a reliable trailer is nothing more than a lawn ornament.

Poor Bass Fishing or No Bass Fishing – Only one choice

At this time in our lives, we still feel not fishing is no option. We both love our time on the water as long as life allows us to keep participating. We want to keep our old boat and just upgrade the trailer to make our road trips doable once again and of course as safe as possible. Sometimes we have to bite the bullet and spend a little money to facilitate what we think are a few more years of fishing. Buying an entirely new rig cannot be ruled out if the right deal came along though.

Bottom line, we had to make a decision to participate in poor fishing or no fishing. This is not much of an option, but we have decided on poor fishing for now. We also have the ability to drag the boat to some of the better fishing spots in the state. Who knows, maybe even a trip or two to Lake Norman, a journey to Guntersville or some other rally location?

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