Good Vibrations, The Power of Positive

Have you ever considered just how much of our daily lives are impacted by negative thoughts? It seems no matter where we go someone is complaining about something. It seems to me, in general, folks are quick to become agitated over what appears to be for the most part a non-problem. We all have days where the slightest little upsetting thing can seemingly ruin our entire day. I suggest good vibrations, the power of positive is a better way!

Good Vibrations, The Power of Positive

Anglers are no different. We complain about waiting at a public ramp. We complain about finding another angler on our spot. How about those less than courteous boaters who seem to think their wake is none of our business. Of course, who can’t forget those pesky jet skis.

I am just suggesting these sources of angst are not life-altering activities. Perhaps we should just stay mellow and go about our business and not waste valuable life moments by getting distracted by things which are just facts of life these days. Getting upset may take us off our game or destroy our concentration for the task at hand. Anglers always have a game plan in mind, and these anglers have experience and skills honed by years of bass fishing. However, they let these little things ruin an angling adventure.

I contend if we remain positive and focused on the task at hand, then indeed we will have success in the bass catching arena. The weather may not be perfect, and the wind might be a bit tough, or maybe we are worried about things other than bass fishing. All I am implying is we need to just suck it up and do what we came to do. If we remain confident and positive then quite possibly our mind will continue focused on the task at hand, and all of those past learnings will be available to help us make the changes we might need to consider. If we are having a bad day on the water, it is our fault for letting it get us down. We are on the water fishing, just how good is that. Don’t let someone else screw up the day.

For some reason, many anglers I know like to tell us what is wrong with something instead of what may be right. I wonder if this is just an occupational hazard or an outlet for our excuses if things don’t quite go our way. Whatever the reason the only thing I can say is a day on the water is still a great way to test our skills and our patients with a smile on our faces.

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Bud Kennedy

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