Finding NuTech Lures

Finding NuTech Lures changed my bass fishing forever. A few years ago I was a partner in a boating and fishing website. While we were mostly a local presence we did have members and guests from all over the country. After upgrading our software application, we had the ability to produce blog style entries on our home page. The task of this blog fell into my hands so I began searching for stories our members might enjoy.

Finding NuTech Lures

Finding NuTech Lures

Story topics just seem to happen. One really never knows what the next story will be, but for sure something would strike my fancy that I believed might be of interest to the readers of the blog. I decided to attempt to create a series of blogs for products of the month. These products could be just about anything from boats to tackle. This is where I began to understand that this just might be a treacherous journey.

Bass anglers are a loyal group. They have their favorite fishing products and introduction of anything new may be met with a level of opposition. One example, a Ranger boat owner is not interested in anything else but Ranger. Even though they might admit that the other boat makers offer good products; their choice of a boat will always be Ranger. The same could be said about outboard motors, reels, rods, line and just about anything else an angler might own.

Finding NuTech Lures – How It Happened

I spent countless hours browsing the web for products and ideas when I ran across a company called Nutech Lures. I watched all the videos several times and I have to say it was an impressive experience. I liked the down home presentation style of the videos and the entire idea struck me as being a different take on a very popular style of fishing.

As a practice before publishing anything about a product, I would contact them via telephone to get permission to use some of their media and to use their logo in my story. This was my first time speaking with Bo James the creator of NuTech Lures. I learned this was not just another new product but one that has been in development for decades. Like all products it had its engineering challenges but its unique properties are worth developing. Besides, this Bo guy seems to know his stuff and sure catches a whole bunch of fish according to the videos I have been watching.

I was very surprised when the phone rang and was then answered by the man himself. I found this refreshing because usually you get someone who has to transfer you to someone only to get a voice mail requesting a call back message which seldom occurs. Calls like this are usually short and sweet but not this time. Bo took the time to tell me all about his products and answer any questions I had. Bo gave me permission to use his media and his logo in my article and thanked me for calling. I was so impressed I placed an order on his website and the items arrived a few days later.

During this period, I was fishing Santee Cooper most of the time. This lake is full of all kinds of hazards and things that hang up most lure products. I tended to buy a lot of jigs only to lose them due to hang-ups on the multitude of stumps and trees. The design of the NuTech jigs just may help me not to lose so many jigs to the stump gods.

After publishing my story on the website I was scolded by the members for even suggesting another jig should be considered. We already had a sponsor that builds jigs and almost everyone used his products and I was totally out of line. Wow, I did not expect this level of hostilities. This is when I realized that they are not fishing the type of cover that I faced everyday. This also indicates the level of fierce loyalty most anglers possess. For the record I still buy products from the favored sponsor but all of my jigs come from NuTech. Both are fine products and worthy of my limited tackle budget. By the way, I still have some of those original jigs yet today.

When I am fishing heavy cover my only choice is NuTech. You can throw these things into about any cover and actually get through without losing the lure. I love to put them in the thickest stuff just to see if I can get it hung up. Certainly you can get a hang up on the product but for the vast majority of time it comes right back to you and ready to go bass hunting again. Truth is, I have given away more Nutech products than I have lost while fishing. When you introduce one of these products to your friends you can expect a less than favorable response. They will plunk the guide arms and then tell you it is just like product XYZ. They will usually try to find out what is wrong with it versus trying to understand why it works. Oh well, such is life. I am sure thankful to have them in my tackle arsenal. I confess, still today when I catch a fish on a NuJig I hear Bo saying, “Guess where it’s hooked.”

Bud Kennedy

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