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Experts among us are a valuable resource. Since you are reading this story, you are most likely a fishing enthusiast and visit the Ultimate Bass bass fishing forum to read the topics of the day. Many of us spend countless minutes, hours or days visiting Ultimate Bass and participate in the various topics. One may suggest it is some form of addiction, but I submit it is just anglers who love the sport and want to communicate with like-minded folks.

For anyone who participates in these forums, it does not take long before starting to understand just how little we may know about some of the topics. We might be familiar with the many scenarios that are being discussed but most likely we would not consider ourselves an expert, but perhaps a bit of a journeyman or novice.

Personally, I have learned and continue to learn a multitude of valuable bass fishing information by participating. I tend to ask questions; even though from time to time I might leave the impression that I am a total dufus. My opinion is so what. If I don’t know, then it is as simple as I don’t know. Participation on the site will indeed lead to getting the answer(s) that one was seeking. Often this leads to additional questions just to clarify the information.

The point of this story is to encourage participation in the many topics that are posted on a daily basis. Sooner or later someone will come along to answer your question that is a true expert in the field. These resources are without a doubt one of the great advantages of being a member of Ultimate Bass. You will receive an answer to your question and will not be criticized. There are just so many folks here that can help.

I use the term expert in the context of the accuracy and quality of the information they are providing. It seems folks I would suggest as experts have acquired their knowledge through years of experience. They are either expert fishermen with a particular expertise, or they may be creators of products taking a lifetime to perfect. They may be competitive fishermen, both past and present, and can impart their knowledge to the site based on their hands-on experience. In my opinion, that is where experts come from. The other thing is they too are enthusiasts of the sport. What better guidance can you get than from someone who has been there and has addressed the very question you are asking.

I contend that no matter what fishing topic you want to discuss, there will be someone to provide input to your questions. The real trick, however, is to ask the question(s) in the first place. One of the attractive features of Ultimate Bass is that the membership is respectful of each other. The members also seem to do a good job of supporting the sponsors. The sponsors in return are participating in the site, not only as sponsors, but also as contributors to the discussions. The support of the sponsors and charter members also help to defray some of the expenses of keeping the site online and available to all of us.

Bud Kennedy

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Experts among us

Experts among us

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