Double Ds are my Favorites


While this blog title might not be about what most folks think. It will offer up some guidance to help bass anglers make some bass fishing equipment decisions. One of the more difficult choices an angler makes is selecting a rod and reel combination to fit their style, skill level, and budget. Double Ds are my favorites, Dobyns Rods and Daiwa Reels. This article is not about those products, but rather how I developed my favorites.

The more experienced angler tends to be more specific about their choices and often more tuned into specific presentation styles or environmental conditions. As always, cost plays an essential part in the decision process. An experienced angler is probably more likely to over-specify their requirements and choose high-end products than those of us with less experience or skills.

Bass anglers seem to be a bit more loyal to specific brands. While this brand loyalty may sometimes be a Ford vs. Chevy comparison, it is usually based on past experience with a particular brand and sometimes influenced by the ever-improving technology of products. My basic problem was I usually bought fairly low-end products, and the price was all-important at the time. Over the decades I was stuck on a few brands but always with an evil eye focused on price. I would often look with righteous indignation upon folks who purchased and used more expensive products. Seems like they were always buying newer and newer products in their quest to achieve the right combo. We see this in today’s marketplace, something new is always coming along. The new product promises better performance.

A few years ago, I joined Ultimate Bass and learned a whole bunch about products of all types. Rod experts and reel experts participate in these pages and offer up some fascinating, if not contentious, opinions about products they are using or planning to purchase. I noticed more and more folks following suit, and they too were purchasing the same products and reporting complete satisfaction. This did it for me; I have to try some of this stuff to see if I can overcome some of the problems plaguing my overall performance.   

To set the record straight, I have racks full of rods and boxes full of reels. Each one of them was purchased as the next best thing for me. The problem was I limited my choices with significant budget constraints. While not a bad thing, I stopped short of making selections to favorably impact my ability to put bass in the boat. Personally, I don’t really have many budget restrictions, but I am still a bit on the frugal side. My willingness to listen to some of the website experts and take the leap to some better products finally began to happen. As it turns out it is a bit like eating potato chips. I have learned when an angler buys a really nice rod, said angler will have to buy another and then another. The same holds true for reels. I finally acquired a reel curing my decades as the backlash king of the lake. The obvious result was buying more of the same make and model, with the only difference being the gearing of the reel.

Double Ds are my Favorite

Now I am the proud owner of multiple Double D combos. The combination of Dobyns rods and Daiwa SVTW reels has been the ticket for me, but it may not be the right choice for all anglers. I did not buy top end, but I did purchase quality, within my ego-driven budget. While there are high-end products available, these choices have turned out to be a perfect fit for me. I acknowledge my choices are not the same as others. Some here on Ultimate Bass are dyed in the wool Shimano users, and their head would probably explode if they touched another brand. Their choices are their choices. The bottom line is we are all different in our needs and what works for one may not be ideal for another. All I am contending is from time to time anglers have to loosen the purse strings if they really want to up one’s game. 

Most fishing equipment are just tools of the sport, the decision on what to purchase is wholly based on the needs or wants of the angler. Often tackle purchases are needed things while some are acquired just to help one scratch where it itches. Personally, I have not purchased many tackle items over the past year. My choice was to do an update on the boat because, after all, an angler needs a good sled to match the before mentioned tackle. Talk about a budget buster, boat refurb is another category altogether. Perhaps some of you read my blog about refurbishing my old Ranger. I thought doing the boat was a venture into the major leagues of expense. Now our attention is embarking on a renovation of our home. For sure this will be a real major league attack on the wallet and likely impact my ability to add yet further to my tackle stash. The real problem is as an angler I am aware the monkey is everywhere, and I never know when something new starts to strike my fancy. Come to think about it, I would like another Daiwa reel, but with a slower gear than my current stash. If I buy the reel, then it will need a rod to go with it. I have plenty of rods, but a new reel deserves a new rod. Oh No, here we go again. Resistance is Futile.

Fish On!
Bud Kennedy

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