Bass Fishing for Everyone

One of the attractive things about bass fishing is it can be done by just about anyone. For some, bass fishing is a competitive sport, while for many others it is just an enjoyable pastime. There is no age limit, and there is no requirement to be of a certain physical ability. Bass fishing can take place at a local park pond or at a world-class fishing impoundment. A person with a family can go fishing and be in the great outdoors for some quality family time. The joy of watching a kid catch their first fish is truly a most memorable experience and more often than not is documented by pictures for a historical record of family lore. Bass fishing for everyone! Bass fishing can create memories forever etched in minds and hearts through multiple generations.

Bass Fishing for Everyone

Once a person becomes an angler, they will always be an angler even if they don’t realize it. Often remembering those glory moments of childhood fishing with a best friend or family member. We all want these same memories with/for our children or grandchildren.

Like any endeavor, bass fishing can be as intense or as relaxing as any activity. Many will become heavily involved with the sport and desire competition. Some will spend countless hours perfecting the craft and acquiring some of the finer tools of the trade. Others will simply have a single rod, and a small tackle bag tucked away in a closet, taken out a few times a year or maybe a few time over multiple years. The fact is the angling spirit is always within a person. This is especially true for those of us who consider bass fishing simply a pastime.

Some anglers will become totally involved in the sporting side of bass fishing. Some are very competitive by nature and will polish skills to the point of extreme proficiency. These competitive anglers start testing their skills in organized tournament events at club level, and eventually progress to fish larger events around the region. The beauty of this is anglers don’t have to take it this far if they don’t desire. Anglers might just be happy to split the difference and just compete with a quest to find bass. Perhaps boat ownership is not an option nor a large assortment of tackle to feed the passion. I think this is just fine because it is each anglers’ decision to seek an enjoyable and fulfilling route.

Bass fishing can be anything we want it to be. Whether pastime or sport, it will always be a personal decision. If enjoying the benefits of nature and the pleasures of spending time with the family is important, then bass fishing might just be the ticket. Just remember, whatever direction you as an angler decide to take with bass fishing, it’s entirely up to you. The lifetime of memories past, present and future might just be the true reward.

Bud Kennedy

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