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I’ve seemed to miss the bass fishing details. Let me start by saying, I have been fishing for the better part of sixty years. That’s right, I said sixty years. One would think I have learned a whole bunch about how to be a good bass angler but it just isn’t the case.

I do realize being a fisherman means being in a continuous learning mode if you want to catch more bass than your buddies. Competitive anglers (which I am not) have probably learned the old adage “if you snooze, you lose”. Anglers today have to know all the details of tackle technology and learn how to apply the related techniques to achieve your goal. Knowing fish biology and their forage and then be cognizant of the effects weather has on each. Additional details might be understanding the cause and effect of using the correct line, the right rod, and the right bait for the conditions of the moment. That’s right the moment. Even I have learned on any given day success in the morning does not mean success will carry into the afternoon without knowing how or when to make a tackle or technique change. You have to know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em and make changes or move location as the fish dictate.

Bass Fishing Details, What Did You Say?

My main source of information is from the many forums of Ultimate Bass. I am continually amazed how much information is shared on a daily basis. While some topics are straight forward, other topics get into intricate details I had not considered. Some folks have fishing knowledge that is totally out of my league. Perhaps I was never serious enough to truly understand things at this level of detail. However, I do have to say some forum posts make me wonder just what the heck folks are saying. As each day passes, I think some of us may be over thinking the details. I suppose that is why I am not a proficient angler. I just get lost when too much detail hits my brain cells.

After saying all of this, you may wonder what draws me to participate with Ultimate Bass. I guess it is the camaraderie of what I consider to be my cyber friends. This is a place where after spending some time, I learned the personalities of the participants and started thinking of them as brothers of the fin. I do love to fish but it may be for different reasons than others. I do it because it is fun, as well as humbling.  It is an escape from the tribulations of daily life and allows me to enjoy nature in the solitude of the great outdoors. Memories are made when fishing, even if you are not real good a putting fish in the boat. Time on the water makes us a better angler, but time on the water also purifies the soul and realize what is important in life. You don’t need to know all there is about fishing you just need to do it.

Bass Fishing Details, What did you say?

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