Bass Fishing and Humble Pie

Just when the angler thinks they have this bass fishing thing figured out, the bass decide they just don’t want to come out and play. Try as we might, we end the day with no or very few bites. Somehow, it’s comforting when we speak with other anglers and they had little to no luck as well.

Bass Fishing and Humble Pie

Isn’t it ironic how on this particular day the catching was non-existent, but just a few short days ago the opposite was true? A few days ago, the live well was filled, and the culls were plentiful no matter what bait or presentation was executed. It was just a great day making the successful declare how there must be a true bass fishing God.

Nature has a funny way of putting bass anglers in their place. It is obvious bass do not care about how much we may think we know about bass fishing. Nor do bass care about what equipment we are using, and bass don’t care what boat we are running. This is nature’s way of letting the angler know who is in charge while serving up a big slice of humble pie.

As a bass angler we are often guilty of fishing by memory, fishing the same bait and spot as the last time we were on the same body of water. Anglers are also guilty of looking to discover just what is the “IT” that worked the last time out. Truth is there is no “IT”. Perhaps thoughts should be focused on what the current circumstances are and then consider all of the factors involved and not just the one factor. How many times have anglers been involved in the practice of swap till you drop on bait selection or running and gunning all their saved waypoints only to return to the original starting point.

With all of the tools and technology available to the modern day angler finding fish may not be the big problem. Finding fish ready to feed is the deal. This is when observing the depth of the fish, the cover, the depth and depth changes of the water is required. I guess a list of all the things to consider would be so long it would be ridiculous to even consider all of the potential factors. The experienced angler most likely can cut through the bulk of this information and focus on productive water versus my typical plan of fishing where they aren’t. Even then they too are not productive all of the time.

Isn’t it interesting, a bass with a brain the size of a pea can befuddle even the most experienced and accomplished angler? The quest for the next bass leads anglers of all ages to spend hard earned money for tackle promising to be the next big thing. We are not talking a few dollars, we are talking about an industry producing in the billions of dollars of revenue. The sport generates an allure, creating generations of memories, and provides moments of conquest making anglers feel like they are “Da Man.” The great thing is, it does not matter how young or how old or what gender an angler may be. The challenge persists and will confound anglers as it has for centuries.

Bass fishing causes anglers to do some unusual things which are not always reported. Things like cutting the main line instead of the tag end, and not realizing it until we throw the bait overboard never to be seen again. Or those times when not paying attention an angler might kick a high value rod and reel combo over the side of the boat. Then there are always the boat ramp follies, where one tries to launch with the winch strap or transom straps still connected. And the biggest blunder of all is forgetting to put in the drain plug. I assure everyone, if it was less than smart, I have had the experience. I remember my worst moment as being the day I stepped off the side of the boat onto the trailer frame so I could attach the winch strap and wind the boat up a bit more. My foot slipped and I landed on the trailer frame with one leg on each side of the frame. I had to wait a few moments while my voice changed back from soprano to my normal speaking voice. After telling the Mrs. I was ok, I stepped onto the submerged ramp and immediately slipped and fell completely in the water. I finally recovered and got back into the boat and we resumed loading. Although it was a long time ago, I fully remember the exact place where it happened and rest assured, I have never done it again. My new trailer has non-skid products for this purpose, so I guess it is a bit more secure. At least I hope so. Nobody has ever said the only memories of fishing were about the fish. Some of the longest lasting memories are those moments we hope no one else caught us in the act of being stupid.

The next time you think you have this entire bass fishing stuff all figured out, just keep it to yourself because we all know better. If the need to confess your bass fishing sins still exist, the pages of Ultimate Bass are always open. See Ya There.

Fish ON!
Bud Kennedy

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