A Viking Among Bass

Brian Robison is a man of many facets, defensive end for the Minnesota Vikings, father of two, dedicated husband, and avid bass fisherman. Brian has his plans laid out, and they look something like this; faith, family, football, foundation, and fishing. In the past year, I have gotten to know Brian Robison as a friend who has an amazing family, career, and can catch some fish. I decided to let Brian be my first go at penning an article for Ultimate Bass, Brian graciously accepted.

Whether you know Brian on the field, on the water or maybe just from Sunday afternoon football in your living room, he is one interesting guy. I asked Brian to tell me one thing about himself that his fans and follower probably would not know about him? He (Brian) told me that he was a professional in another sport as well. While at The University of Texas, Long Horns, track was Brian’s other passion. Brian participated in shot put and discus, at one time in his track career he was ranked 11th in the world for shot put.

I questioned Brian about the advice he would give his younger self if he could go back to the start of his career(s) in football and fishing. In Football, Brian said, “keep doing what you are doing it will all work out.” With fishing he said, “Get your dad to somehow or to some way buy a jon boat so you can get an earlier start on the fishing.”

Brian and his father Jimmy spend a lot of time together on the hunt for bass; they currently fish the Texas Team Trail. When I spoke to Brian this weekend about fishing, Brian told me about his father recently taking an accidental dip in the lake. Brian wished he had his Ion camera to have the actual footage rather than just telling the story, which leaves him in tears each time he talks about the ultimate “splash”. If you catch up with Brian at the Classic be sure to ask him about his dad Jimmy. I’m sure you will get a chuckle.

Most everyone asks the same questions when interviewing someone in sports and fishing. Most fans know the stats of their favorite athlete and/or angler, so I decided to think outside the box when asking the rest of my questions of Brian.

BS: What keeps you focused on the field and in the boat?
BR: “On the field, faith is foremost; family keeps me motivated, and my competitiveness keeps me focused in both arenas. I want to be the best at anything I do and to be the best; I must be willing to keep learning.”

BS: Describe yourself on the football field and on the water.
BR: “Passionate on the field and Passionate on the water”

BS: When you are headed to a game and to a tournament, what music or song do you listen to that puts you in “the zone”?
BR: “I normally listen to Rap or Dance music to get me pumped up. If I am in an easy going mood, I listen to country music. Really I listen to everything, but to get pumped, definitely Rap.”

BS: Describe your idea of “perfect fishing conditions”.
BR: “Temperature would be around 82.7 degrees (Brian is a jokester, a precise jokester), water temp would be around 65 degrees, stained water with timber and grass, bass would be spawning and the wind would be a perfect 8 mph. “

BS: What is your “go to” lure when nothing else is working?
BR: “I generally power fish, but if nothing is working, I would slow it down and go to a Texas rig.”

BS: You have just started The Brian Robison “Reel ‘Em In” Foundation; tell me about the foundation, what drove you to start your foundation?
BR: “I am at the point in my career where I am financially set and have the desire to give back.”

BS: Tell me how the foundation works?
BR: “Twice a year we will host a fishing tournament, one in Texas and one in Minnesota (both states he resides). The foundation will choose different charities each tournament to receive all of the proceeds. The foundation will be an IRS registered 501(c)3, nonprofit foundation and will focus on charities that help the less fortunate. We hope to grow the tournaments to events with food, concerts, and fishing. We want to pull in other professional athletes and professional fisherman to make the foundation events as successful as possible. We are in the beginning stages, to learn more follow my social media and my website.”

Brian is currently finished with his football season and is enjoying fishing until spring training starts .around mid-May. Brian will be attending the 2015 Bassmaster Classic. He will be the tall guy with a fishing jersey with the same colors as his “work” jersey, purple and white. You can find Brain at one of his sponsors’ booths; Strike King, Ranger Boats, Rigid Industries, Evinrude, Trokar, Stormr USA, Power Pole, Lowrance, and Gemini.

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