The Top 5 Benefits of Kayak Camping

Kayaking is an amazing watersport that takes you to places not otherwise accessible by foot, car, or large watercraft. Using this method, you can get up close and personal with some of nature’s most secluded and peaceful areas. It enables you to experience the outdoors in a unique way and approach secret, peaceful locations that are otherwise inaccessible. On the other hand, camping enables you to spend more time outside with loved ones, friends, or by yourself. You have the opportunity to reconnect with nature and engage in healthy physical and mental activities.

Now, imagine combining the two outdoor activities into one; kayak camping! It gives you excitement and happiness that you won’t find anywhere else. That’s not all. More justifications for kayak camping are provided below.


What Are the Advantages of Kayak Camping?

1.    Kayak camping brings you closer to beautiful nature

It’s common practice for kayak campers to arrive at their destination by kayak, with their gear and supplies attached to the vessel. There are areas of the world that aren’t easily accessible by car or public transportation.  In contrast to staying at conventional campgrounds, you will have a better opportunity to experience nature in its purest form. paddle through calm waters while taking in the stunning scenery, including clear skies and lush trees, that is only accessible by kayak or canoe in this pristine area of the world.

By setting up camp close to the water’s edge, you’ll also have the unique opportunity to paddle out onto the water during the ethereal hours before sunrise and after sunset. Awe-inspiring is an understatement when you consider the possibilities of combining this with activities like fishing or watching fish feed. 

2.    Kayak camping leads to quality exerciseKayak camping provides an excellent workout.

Whether you work from home or in an office, you are likely to spend the majority of your day sitting down with little to no opportunity for physical activity. Camping out in a kayak is the perfect way to spend your vacation time. Because of this, you are required to maintain a level of physical activity throughout the entirety of your journey. Firstly, paddling strengthens your lower back, obliques, and abdomen, thus enhancing your core strength. As a result, your arms, shoulders, and chest muscles will all be working hard to strengthen your upper body.

You’ll build lean muscle mass in your legs in addition to your arms and back. As you paddle your kayak and put pressure on it to keep it balanced, your lower-limb muscles contract and relax. You’ll notice improvements in both your stamina and your weight as you continue to work out. In the course of one hour spent paddling, approximately 400 calories can be burned. So, a three- or four-day trip should suffice for your body.

3.    Easy to transport gear while kayak camping

Kayak camping combines the joys of camping and the thrills of paddling without the stress of hiking with your gear at the back. You put all of your gear in dry bags and secure it to the boat with ropes and straps. The ease of carrying gear means if you aren’t capable of going traditional backpacking, you can still experience wild camping away from common campgrounds.

As a result, kayak camping is the best option for young children and seniors who aren’t up to the challenge of backpacking. You don’t have to be physically fit to go kayak camping across peaceful lakes or go down rivers. Simply plan shorter trips lasting one to three days, paddle for a few hours each day, and select a route that does not require you to portage your kayak. This is all that is required.

4.    Kayak camping is excellent for younger children.

For children aged 5 to 11, kayak camping is a more enjoyable alternative to traditional camping. Paddling on the water provides a more dynamic environment for the kids, enhancing their enjoyment. They’ll never run out of things to see and do on their trip.

The following are some additional benefits of kayak camping for children:

  • Kids will learn new skills-Taking your children kayak camping will provide them with the opportunity to learn new skills, as well as teach them important lessons that can be applied to their everyday lives. Age-appropriate skills include campfire building, kayaking, and portaging.
  • Survival skills- They will be able to develop their skills for surviving in harsh environments, as kayak camping is more difficult than traditional camping. Additional preparation is required due to the fact that you will be camping in more isolated areas. Because of this, the trip presents an excellent opportunity to educate children on wilderness and water safety, as well as basic survival techniques.
  • Unstructured play is beneficial for children- Many children find it fascinating to engage in this type of activity in remote natural areas, such as those that can be reached by kayak camping. At the campground, the kids will have plenty of opportunities to have fun and unwind. During their time on the water, they can compete in kayak races or play the game “I spy” with one another.
  • Children remain physically active- indoors, children are constantly using technological devices to keep themselves occupied. Although it is permissible, it has the potential to make children physically inactive, which is detrimental to their health. Paddling and the many other activities that will be available to them at the campsite will ensure that children and teenagers stay physically active while kayak camping.
  • More quality time-They get to spend valuable time with you, and kayak camping is a great way to strengthen the relationship you have with your children. You will have the kind of quality time with them that is difficult to achieve at home, whether it be through activities like kayaking, camping, or playing.



5.    Kayaking improves mental health

It has been said that “your health is your wealth,” and one way to invest in your mental wellness is to go kayak camping. The experience brings you closer to the natural world and removes you from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  The combination of fresh and clean air, silence, and serenity all work together to reduce your stress levels. Paddling through breathtaking scenery and camping in remote locations helps you de-stress and forget about the pressures of everyday life.

Because camping releases endorphins, which are well-known for elevating moods, you’ll return from your trip happier than when you left it. Paddling to and from is also exhausting, allowing you to sleep longer and more soundly. Getting enough sleep can help you feel less stressed, which is important for maintaining good mental health.


It’s time to get out on the water and go kayak camping. Physical and mental benefits abound, not to mention the opportunity to take in the beauty of nature at its finest. Additionally, the kayak offers storage space for your gear and can assist you in transporting it from one camping spot to another.  This alleviates some of the burdens of having to carry your belongings. Even your young children are able to participate in kayak camping with you and enjoy the many fun activities that come along with it. Make travel plans, and remember to have a good time!

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