Best Tips for First-Time Bass Anglers

Best Tips fro first-Time Fishers

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Bass fishing is a very rewarding activity for a lot of people. If you have decided to make bass fishing a hobby, you will have to do it the right way in order to get the most out of the experience.

There’s always a first time for everybody. You just have to learn as much as you can while you are starting out. So here are a few best bass fishing tips for you or someone you know who wants to get in on the action.

Know the best spots

Before you start fishing, it’s important to know the best places for catching bass. The United States is endowed with lakes that are home to countless varieties of aquatic life. Lake St. Clair in Michigan and Chickamauga Lake in Tennessee are just some of the best spots for bass fishing.

You may be living with a freshwater lake close by, so see if it is rich with big game. The closer you are to it the better so you can make a daily or weekly habit out of it.

Gather the right gear

Once you know where to fish, you will need to acquire the right equipment. You don’t have to spend a lot since you are still trying to learn the craft. Remember to start by buying the most essential gear first. You can set aside the other accessories for later. Start by getting a fishing rod that’s at least seven feet long and made from either graphite or fiberglass. You may have to upgrade to a sturdier baitcasting or crankbait rod if you are fishing for giant bass.

After buying the rod, you will need to buy the right types of bait for very specific conditions. Spinnerbaits, for one, are great for shallow bodies of water. Over time, you can buy a variety of fishing tackle so that you’ll come well-equipped when you go on a fishing trip out of town. Just be sure to check out the best tack boxes on the market  for storing all your fishing gear as you travel.

Learn the techniques

Getting the right fishing gear is only half the battle. That’s because the likelihood of catching giant bass will depend more on the fishing techniques you are using.

No doubt, bass fishing is not just about casting a line and waiting for a largemouth to bite. You also need to learn how to locate the sweet spot of a lake. Most bass prefer to hide in places with lots of cover, so you will want to fish near big rocks and thick weed forests.

If you think you are already in the right spot, use lures that bass are sure to bite on. Use bright and colorful lures as largemouths if you are fishing in dingy or muddy water and more subtle colors in clear water.

Bass fishing may seem easy, but knowing these basics make up a small fraction of the experience. With enough patience and persistence, you’ll eventually get around to catching big game bass which makes the activity all the more exciting.


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