Tips For The Beginner (Part 4)

Let’s Talk About Techniques

Fishing a Carolina Rig:  Shay explains that this technique has proven to be deadly overbass fishing for beginners carolins rig and over again for him. Just to review-Shay uses a 7ft Heavy action rod-6:3:1 casting reel and 20lb P-Line fluorocarbon as the main line and 12lb to 15lb test P-Line as the leader.  (See Picture of Shays Carolina Rig) The difference between a Texas rig which we will cover next and a Carolina rig is simple. The Texas rig will take the plastic bait to the bottom because the sinker remains close to the head of the bait when you cast.  The Carolina rig on the other hand will let the plastic worm-Lizard-French Fry etc float or swim above the bottom on an attached leader because the sinker is kept higher upon the line through the use of an attached swivel.  Shay adds glass beads that will make a “Clicking Sound” as you drag the sinker across the bottom helping gain the attention of bass in the immediate area.  Once again the weight of the egg sinker will depend upon the depth of the water and wind conditions. To make this technique work for you there must be sinker contact with the bottom at all times. After  you cast begin to sweep your rod to the side and drag the bait along. When you feel a hit-reel down on the bass and set the hook.

Fishing A Texas Rig:  Shay explained that he likes to use this method in and around rockybass fishing for beginners texas rig banks-boat docks and log jambs. Sinker size once again will be determined by the depth of the water and will always be a bullet sinker. Shay uses a 6 ½ and 7ft rod with a 6:3:1 bait casting reel and 15lb to 20lb test line. Shay tries to bounce the worm or lizard off of everything possible to attract a bass. Shay stresses the importance of keeping your rod directly in front of you at a 45 degree angle.  At times Shay will move the worm slowly along the bottom other times he will retrieve it with a “Twitch” giving it an erratic movement. Another key Shay stressed was keeping concentration on what your doing. Sometimes the bite will be vicious-at other times it will be ever so light. But when you detect a bite reel the slack out of your line and set the hook.

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