Plastic Worm Resurrection

Did you forget about something? Neglect the one bait you likely learned first?

We all get caught up in the latest bass fishing trend. It is so easy to go online and buy all of the baits that we read about. Senko’s, Brush Hogs, Ugly Otters, Beavers, Paca Chunks, the list goes on. Think about it though, when was the last time that you fished the lowly Texas rigged worm? After some internal debate with myself, I concluded that it had been about 8 years since I really worm fished, not finesse fished.

I had grown up cutting my teeth on the Mister Twister Phenom worm and Culprits, Gillrakers and others. Why had they disappeared from my approach? This was more likely because I was a victim of changing times and technological advances in our sport. That isn’t a bad thing but it could be when you abandon what has always worked for you.

Enter 2006 as I adapt to my new surroundings in Florida. This place is so much different from NY. Fishing in NY was easy because you had a few visible places on a lake that looked different and subsequently held fish. Here in Florida, everything looks like it hold bass but it surely doesn’t. Since I’ve been down here, I’ve managed to go back to the Culprit worm heavily. I’ve had so much success with it that I wonder why I left it for greener pastures.

I’m doing more night fishing these days and my one two punch consists of a swimbait for active fish and a follow up with the plastic worm for anything that wants a slower presentation. It has become a formidable approach for me.

My Texas rigging has changed little since I first threaded a worm on a hook 25 years ago. The bait is the same but the tackle is different. I use the following equipment:

Kistler Helium He70MHC 7ft Medium Heavy Casting rod
Shimano Scorpion 1001
Berkely 10lb Vanish Fluorocarbon
Owner 2/0 EWG Cutting point hook
Culprit 7.5” Worm Black or Junebug
1/8oz Top Brass Tackle Weenie weight Black

We all know how to fish this rig and what to feel for. The point of this all is not to let effective items in your arsenal fall by the wayside. I almost forgot how successful this bait is and how many fish it catches. I fished one just for old times sake and was in awe of the results. I will never again let this one become a neglected member of my tackle box.

Craig DeFronzo

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