NuTech Jigs is the future in baits

NuTech Lures recently introduced the NuJig Pro Series bass jig. The technology behind the NuTech lures jig design provides for an extremely weedless jig, which also improves your strike to land ratio. The technology in the NuTech Jigs is the future in baits. To say that they may have built the perfect bass fishing jig is not a stretch. There are hundreds of bass fishing jigs on the market. Some bass jigs are very weedless or snag proof, while others have the strongest or the sharpest hook money can buy. An angler has to balance out his particular application with specific jigs in order to get the best strike to land ratio that is possible. An example being, if I were fishing open water ledges, I wouldn’t use a flipping jig that has a beefed up weed guard that slows hook penetration; it just doesn’t make sense if I’m not fishing in heavy cover, why use such a jig? Instead, I would opt for a jig without a weed guard or a very limber one so that when I did set the hook, it was easier for the hook to get past the weed guard and enter the jaw of the bass. Opposite of that, if I were fishing heavy cover, I’d want a stiff weed guard to prevent hang ups, however knowing full well that I have to swing for the fences when setting the hook. I also have to accept that I’m going to miss fish occasionally because of line, distance, and hook set angles preventing a solid hook up. The NuTech Jig gives us as anglers the best of both worlds.

NuTech Jigs is the future in baits

NuTech Lures NuJig Pro Series jig takes all of the guess work out of figuring out which jig is best for which application. The jigs head design has cambers that create a perfect rotation in combination with the twin single strand weed guard that are attached at separate locations on the head, stand the jig vertically when pulled through a bass’ mouth; a roof of the mouth hook penetration is guaranteed. There are a couple other proprietary concepts that are involved in the NuJig design, which NuTech keeps close guard on. NuTech has designed a jig that is nearly perfectly weedless and gives the angler the advantage when setting the hook; no matter what angle or position your rod is in or the bass is swimming, you’ll get a roof of the mouth hook set every time.

I’ve been using the NuTech NuJig for several months now and have been extremely impressed. I have tossed it into all of my favorite brush piles that already have a wide selection of ornamentation due to years of hang ups and break offs, and the NuJig slipped right through them. Anytime the jig would hang or snag, a slight pop of the rod tip and it bounced right over or through whatever it was holding it up.

One of the several great aspects of the NuTech jig is the weed guard. Two single strands, one attached to the head of the jig to the left of the hook point, and the other on the head of the jig to the right of the hook point. There is nothing to get in the way of the hook when you set the hook into a bass. These two strands are placed in such a way that they also offer the best protection from snags. Instead of sitting directly over the hook point they sit to either side, leaving nothing to get in the way of the hook when a bass strikes. When the jig comes in contact with an obstruction or vegetation, the weed guards push the jig away from the obstacle. Not only does this prevent hang ups, it also creates an erratic movement that will draw strikes.

The NuTech jigs head design and hook angle also give the jig a unique fall. While not perfectly horizontal, it’s as close to a horizontal fall as I’ve seen in any jig. With the right trailer combination, the quarter ounce version of this jig can glide to the bottom just like a free floating crawfish. Working around wood and vegetation that will heat up on bright blue bird days, this has been a very strong bass catching technique this winter on shallow bass. I will cast past targets and pull the jig to the target, then let it fall. If there is a bass using the target as cover, it will strike. Using the quarter ounce jig on cover in less than 10 feet of water has been the most effective.

On days that bass are more aggressive, such as windy days with cloud cover, the heavier versions are more effective. Utilizing the 3/8 ounce jig in waters as deep as 15 feet, I have been able to probe brush piles and submerged vegetation with ease. In the past, it was necessary to skirt the outside of deep brush or make sure to float a jig over the top, just ticking the outer branches; with the NuTech NuJig I can let the jig fall deep in the brush pile and work it horizontally back through the entire tangle of limbs. Prior to the NuTech Jig, I had two options, the first being to use a jig that had a very stiff weed guard to prevent hang ups. This worked, but hook ups were difficult. You have to put a lot of pressure on a bass during the hook set, to ensure you get the hook all the way through their hard jaws. The second option was to go with a lighter weed guard, which allows for better hook penetration; however, you were going to hang more. Hanging baits in a productive brush pile is very detrimental to catching additional fish; you spook bass away from the brush pile while you attempt to retrieve your bait. So with all that said, I always elected for the stiffer weed guard; if I lost a bass at least I still had the brush pile to continue to fish and hopefully a chance at another bass.

Enter the NuTech NuJig technology. This jig is so cool; there is no other way to put it. Let’s talk deeper brush piles. I’m not talking logs or fallen timber; I’m talking serious crappie fisherman brush piles. When you let the NuJig fall in the middle of one of these brush piles several things happen. First, as the bait falls, the weed guards deflect off of the limbs and cause the bait to rock back and forth as it falls. This creates an erratic fall that will entice strikes. Next, when the bait hits the bottom, the head design will cause the bait to sit up and position the trailer towards the surface of the lake. This defensive position will trigger a bass to strike. When you lift the NuTech NuJig, the horizontal line tie causes the bait to rotate vertically creating a great action for your trailer to follow. Let the bait fall again and it will land with the hook standing up and the trailer in a defensive position. As you pull the NuJig back vertically through the brush pile, the weed guards again bounce off of the limbs, pushing the hook point in the opposite direction and create an erratic action.

NuTech Jigs is the future in baits The Hook Set

Standard jigs, with the exception of a football jig, have a tendency to lie on their sides when they hit the bottom. First, this is not very natural. Second, should a bass pick it up at this point, your jig will be sideways in their mouth. Hook sets will try and pull the bait sideways through their mouth versus up and into the roof of their mouth. A roof of the mouth hook set will greatly improve your hook to land ratio. The NuTech NuJig technology is designed to give you a roof of the mouth hook set every time. Because of the head design, the NuTech NuJig sits on the bottom in a vertical position with the hook standing up. When a bass inhales the jig it’s already in the proper position to drive the hook through the roof of its mouth on the hook set. However, should the jig rotate in the bass’ mouth, the weed guards will rotate the jig back to the vertical position as the hook set pulls the jig through the bass’ jaws. This plants the hook in the roof of their mouth every time. With a single weed guard, the jig can rotate all the way to one side or the other allowing for the hook to pull flat or sideways through the lips of a bass. With the twin weed guard system of the NuJig, if the jig rotates to far one way, the opposite side weed guard will hit the roof of the mouth and straighten the jig back up as you follow through with your hook set.

NuTech Jigs is the future in baits The Hook Hold

Once a bass is hooked, the twin weed guards apply pressure against the roof of the bass’ mouth evenly on each side of the hook. This prevents the jig from moving inside the bass’ mouth during your battle back to the boat. The weed guards apply pressure against the roof of the bass’ mouth creating a downward pressure, which locks the hooks barb in place and the hook cannot move backwards to free itself.

The Jig

While the NuTech jig has just recently hit the market, the NuTech jig is not necessarily new. Bo James (owner of NuTech Jigs) has been working with this design for over 20 years. In the beginning, the jig was called the Viper Jig, and Bo had eagle claw design a hook specifically for the jig. The hook had to have special bends that ensured the proper rotations when the bait was pulled through cover or during a hook set. The Eagle Claw hook is no longer available, so Bo had to either design or find a new hook. After field testing many hooks, the NuTech NuJig Pro Model features an extremely sharp 4/0 Owner hook.

Skirts are made with 55 silicone strands held together by a rattle band. The rattle band allows for quick installation of rattles if they so desire. The new Pro Series also sports a bait keeper, something the standard models didn’t have.

What’s Next

Bo and Chane (co-owner of NuTech Jigs) have some fantastic ideas that they will be bringing to the industry soon. For starters, is the Whizjig. Using the Pro Model NuJig jig, they have added a swivel to the hook shaft and then attached a Colorado blade to the swivel. Many anglers have been doing this for years but have kept it top secret.

Something just introduced, the Crazy Jig. NuTech has designed a vibrating jig using the NuTech Technology, creating a very weedless bait, that puts every bass that strikes it in the boat.

I talked with Bo about the Crazy Jig, and he is excited about its performance saying, “I fished the Crazy Jig here on Table Rock Lake the other day. First strike and it was hooked right through the top of the head. In my mind, when bass are biting a crankbait, the crazy jig just might be a better bait to throw.” He also said that the Crazy Jig in black/blue and candycraw will be the first two colors available, but they are looking at skirt samples, to bring a shad color to the lineup.

I have been fortunate enough to work with Bo while he designs the Crazy Jig. I have added the NuTech Jig to a couple of different blades and have had success with all of them. What’s really impressive about the NuTech Jig design on this type of bait is the extreme weedless attributes that NuTech brings to the bait, coupled with an improved hook up ratio. Anyone that has fished a vibrating jig knows that the hook up ratio can be weak. The action draws the strikes, but because of poor bait design or simply a change of heart during the strike, a vibrating jig can lose a lot of bass. Vibrating jigs give a bass a lot to sling around when trying to throw your bait and can be quite successful at freeing themselves. NuTech’s design ensures that if a bass takes the bait in its mouth, the hook will penetrate.

Lastly is an idea I wouldn’t have thought about; the Umbrella Rig. I hear anglers complain about how their umbrella rigs are getting hung up in deep cover, and they lose a 25-50 dollar set up. Using the Naked NuTech Jig will all but prevent this and enable you to cast your umbrella rigs through some of the nastiest cover, placing the multi bait concept in places that haven’t seen it before. Bo tells me that anglers have been using his jig throughout the Midwest to do just this and the results are staggering.

I highly recommend the NuTech technology. There is no doubt in my mind that their concept is going to make better jig fisherman and women out of all of us bass anglers. Take a few minutes and visit pick out a couple of your favorite colors and I know you will be impressed as I have. Receive a 10% discount when ordering by using discount code “UB”

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