Calling All Bass Clubs

Dear Bass Club Members,

Would your bass club like to have a forum all of their own? Ultimate Bass wants to give your club a free online forum, with a private message network. All this will enhance your member’s ability to communicate and share information like never before.

Photo Taken by Mark Harris - Gun Lake Michigan - First boat on the water and ready for the tournament!

Even if your club already has a website, the forums at Ultimate Bass are full of valuable information that comes from everyday fisherman just like you and me. If your club doesn’t have a website, this is a great way to get your club on-line with out spending a penny. It’s completely free, all you have to do is give us your club name, state, and a short description and Ultimate Bass will connect your Bass Club members like never before.

The Ultimate Bass fishing forum is easy, fun, and your entire club gets a forum dedicated exclusively to your members. Join the hundreds of bass fisherman that already enjoy all that Ultimate Bass has to offer. Learn from their experiences with tackle, boats, and equipment; get others opinions before you spend the big dollars! Win tackle in weekly contests! Add your photos to the photo gallery for all to see. Read the weekly articles submitted by our members, not someone trying to push their sponsors.

Here is what you get!

A forum dedicated to your club.
Your members will be able to discuss important club issues at their leisure; you won’t have to play phone tag or chase each other down or even wait for the next club event or meeting. With a dedicated forum for your club, members can drop by anytime to give their opinions or thoughts and then check back later. You can get everyone online at the same time for seminars or discuss anything your club might feel is important. Members can discuss fishing techniques, plan events, and brag about their tournament wins. You will be able to attach spreadsheets with your club’s tournament results or year-end standings. You can post announcements or general information. Basically anything that you would put in a newsletter can go in your dedicated forum, cuts down on printing and mailing costs and the time it takes to put it together. If members want they can print this information from the site and store it in their private records.

Create Polls to see what your members want.
You can set up polls and have your members vote on their choices! This is very handy when trying to select a date or location for a specific event, or even setting up the next season’s lake schedule. Instead of battling it out at a meeting and taking hours to complete, do it online between meetings; everyone can vote and even post their opinion.

Post club-meeting minutes (prevents the need for a newsletter).
You can post your club meeting minutes, launch and weigh in times, any special rules such as the slot limit, and even the draw or pairings for that tournament. If someone missed the meeting or forgot any information it is only a click away.

Instant Message Network.
With the instant message network paired partners can exchange directions to each other’s house and fishing patterns or game plans in private at their own convenience day or night without playing phone tag. The instant message network is a private system that allows you to discuss information with anyone on the network in private so that it is not public information.

Your members name in print.
Here in Louisiana bass fisherman love to see their name in print for the world to see when they have done well. We all know that the Internet is drawing far more readers than the local newspapers. Ultimate bass will post one article per month (example) detailing tournament results, winning patterns, weather and water conditions on the main website giving your members World Wide recognition. This is a major plus for obtaining sponsors for your members and club events. Ultimate bass generates thousands of hits daily giving your club advertisement on a major bass fishing website. By being a part of the Ultimate Bass community anyone looking for bass fishing reports in your state will see your club name and this will surely increase your membership. Type “Bass Fishing Reports” into your search engine, using Goggle we are #2 and the goal of our members is to be #1.

All we ask in return for your free Club Connection forum is:

  1.  Maintain the content of the discussions in keeping with site rules, basically keep it clean. One member of your club will be given edit capability.
  2.  Give us a list of lakes in your area so we can ensure a thread is available for posting current fishing reports.
  3.  Invite your club membership to use all aspects of the board!!!! Supply fishing reports and participate in the Tips and Techniques threads.

One last thing, the log on procedure requires an email address. Ultimate Bass will not sell or Spam these addresses and these addresses only become public knowledge if the member logging on chooses so. A member’s personal information can be completely anonymous if they wish.

Don’t be left out, get your club involved in this exciting new concept in club bass fishing. There is so much to learn and so little time to learn it in, use the forums to improve your bass fishing abilities.

If you would like more information on the benefits of the Ultimate Bass Club Connection please email Laurie at or call 318-747-3222.

Take advantage of the Ultimate Bass Club Connection it’s FREE, FUN, and full of great club fisherman and women just like you.

Thank you for your time,
The Ultimate Bass Staff

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