To Spend or Not to Spend

As a Pro Angler and Guide. I have been very vocal in the past about the price of lures. I hated the fact that some of the high end lures have reached up to and past the $25.00 mark, not to mention the $149.99 swimbaits.

I have posted before, my feelings about how these companies are getting rich on us anglers, and like the price of gas, these prices seem to keep going up. Now granted there are some companies who’s lures are relatively fair for what you get, but the high end lure companies have lures that start at $21.00 and up.

The company that comes to mind first is MegaBass. They have a price range not for the faint of heart, nor struggling family man or woman, trying to stay on a budget. In order to purchase ANY of these lures, one must save their money for quite some time. One of the problems with these lures, is when buying from a local tackle store, in which we all need to support, is that the retailer who carries this product line, cannot make much money because the cost is so high, their markup has to be minimal, unless they are brazen enough to disregard the wholesale cost and put their 15-20% markup on the pricetag anyway.

Though this is a problem when buying these lures at a local Mom and Pop Tackle store. When purchasing online from a larger retailer, an angler will most likely encounter prices closer to the actual wholesale cost.

This is the part where I must put my tail between my legs and apologize. I have committed the act of hypocrisy and purchased an order of these high end lures. This is the equivalent of a mortgage payment or car payment. And though I have been guilty of raising a fuss over the price of these items, I am going to be the first to say that “They are worth it!”

No, I do not like paying this price, nor will I buy these lures more frequently than once or twice a year, but in my opinion and observations, these lures outfish some lures that cost less than half the price, though there are still some lures that will do the trick at a quarter of the price, these lures are definitely fish catchers. They are high quality hand designed and no, I do not have any type of affiliation or endorsement with them. Now I have to also include abit of advice when using these high end products, and this comes from real life experience… Make every attempt to secure these lures with the best knots and line you can. Losing one of these lures could be a dinner for four at Pizza Hut…

Scott Perratti
“The Rockin’ Angler”

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