The Youth of Today Need Guidance

The Youth of Today Need GuidanceNot the normal guidance like the difference between right and wrong but guidance in how they spend their free time. We as outdoorsmen rely on technology to provide us vital information for our outings. We use the internet for everything, from looking up area weather reports for where we are going to reading fishing reports and reviews on various sites like The down side to this technology is that we are competing against it for our child’s time.

They have the internet, video games, ipods, and many other gizmos and gadgets, which they feel they cannot live without. It is up to us as parents and outdoor enthusiasts to curb this trend, get our kids into the outdoors, and show them that fishing, hunting, camping, and hiking among other outdoors activities can be fun. It does not have to be a little green person running around on a computer screen to be enjoyable.

In recent studies, it is estimated that 92% of our children play some sort of video or computer games. Numerous agencies and organizations have programs that can assist parents in this daunting task. From state Game and Fish departments to clubs/organizations such as the B.A.S.S. Federation Nation, The Bass Federation, the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Scholastic Clay Target Program just to name a few, have programs set up to get children involved in the outdoors.

All one needs to do is contact their local or state agency or a local club to get more information on their programs. There are also numerous events held throughout the year for kids by organizations that are not normally associated with the outdoors, such as the Glendale Arizona Police Department’s annual youth fishing tournament. Events such as these are held throughout the country, just look in your local paper or outdoor outlets for information.

Organizations can use celebrities or pro athletes to show that the outdoor activities are cool. Much like the Arizona B.A.S.S. Federation Nation did in 2006 by approaching the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals to host the state Casting Kids finals. By utilizing a packed NFL stadium as a public stage it showed the youth of today that even athletes think fishing and the outdoors is cool.

Another motive to get our kids into the outdoors is for health reasons. Today’s youth are becoming more and more obese. Recent studies conclude that approximately 9 million children over the age of six are over weight. That is almost one out of every five kids. They sit around watching TV or playing video games, eating snacks and drinking soda. This constant routine of being inactive could lead to very serious health issues such as diabetes. So parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles, go out, find information on outdoor activities, and get your child involved. This is the image we all want to see, a smiling active, healthy child.

For more information on youth activities contact me at I will be glad to help you get in touch with the right agency or organization to answer any questions you may have. Remember that today’s youth are our future and if they are not educated about the outdoors, there will be no outdoors for future generations to enjoy.

Jeff Foley

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