The Greatest Trailer Add-on: Ever

Cincinnati, Ohio – I thought great; I’ll be closer to Bass Pro Shops. But when my wife and I moved from Columbus, Ohio, a lot more moved than she and I. It meant moving all our worldly possessions. Of those, my boat was most important to me.

trailorI admit my boat isn’t much. It isn’t fast, comfortable, or luxurious. But it is mine, and it floats. More than anything I wanted my boat to not cost us more money than it already was. Sixty dollars a month to Public Storage for an outside space ate at my pocket book as well as my conscience.

Once we found a place to live, I was excited to find out that we would have two garages to use. One would definitely be for my wife’s car, and hopefully the other for my boat. But one problem still existed. The boat was too long for the nineteen-foot garage. It was six inches to long, no matter how you positioned the boat or motor.

I thought to myself that there had to be a company that sold aftermarket swing-away trailer tongues. But as I looked throughout the internet and retail stores, I was quickly finding that an aftermarket product such as the one I needed wasn’t available. That was until I happened along a product from Fulton in the marine department at Gander Mountain.

The product was exactly what I needed. The company prides itself on producing a complete line of marine jacks, winches, and trailer accessories. The swing-away tongue comes in two sizes, one for trailers with 3X3 tongues and the other for tongues that are 3X4. The product comes with a complete and comprehensive instructions manual, and a list of all necessary tools to finish the project. The product, which I have only ever seen at Gander Mountain, regularly sells for $120-$130, depending on which version you purchase.

Replacing the trailer tongue with the swing-away tongue is very simple. Once you have removed the existing tongue with a reciprocating saw, all that is left to do is drill some half-inch holes with a strong hand drill. Four bolts connect the swing-away tongue to the frame of the trailer. It is more difficult to convince yourself to cut the trailer tongue than it is to finish the project. The included template guides you to a worry-free conclusion.

The product removes twenty-one inches from the trailer, freeing more space for the boat in the garage. It is also rated for up to 3,500 pounds, making it perfect for most if not all bass boats. I highly recommend this product for a winter do-it-yourself project, especially if you need more room around the garage.

Eric Huber

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