The Beginning of My Bass Fishing Addiction

Streem Fishing is a great passtimeI started Bass fishing last summer (2003) when the creek was too high for me to catch trout!

My neighbor handed me a chartreuse grub on a spinnerblade rig and said “Toss this in, I betcha catch a bass.” And sure enough, I did and just stood there, in awe, looking at the bass and the lure. I couldn’t believe that a fish had gone after that silly looking thing with as much enthusiasm as it had. That was the beginning of my BASS addiction.

But see it didn’t stop there…. I had to move on to harder lures, the spinnerblade rig just wasn’t as satisfying as it had been in the beginning, I needed something more. I moved on to spinnerbaits and even bought a buzzbait.

Next, with some research, I learned how to Texas Rig a nightcrawler. I caught my biggest bass on one, a 15inch largemouth.

From here, I moved on to a Hula Popper and other various poppers. I even won over a few bass on a Jitterbug! But I still wasn’t satisfied and decided to give soft plastics a try. A friend gave me a Berkley Power Leech to try. What a rush it was getting an underwater bite like that! I moved on to Power Worms.

I tried a pig ‘n jig, but didn’t have much luck. I need to practice that technique more. By the end of the summer, I had discovered topwater frogs and mice on the scum. I had a very exciting first Bass season, and can’t WAIT until this season to start. I own more soft plastics, a Zara Spook and a Heddon Baby Torpedo. And hey, I DO own a fly rod you know. The possibilities are endless!!!

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Mother of two, married to my best friend, nature photographer,and fishing fanatic!
S&K Guides’ Woman Angler of the Year ’04
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