Swimsation by Mister Twister

Mister Twister is one of the most recognized soft plastic companies in the world. As an innovator in the soft plastic bait world, Mister Twister was the first to design a curly tail worm in 1972. The curly tail design soon became the industry standard in soft plastics. Fast forward many years, now soft plastics have multiple curly tails, extra legs, pinchers, and paddle tails. As an industry leader, the Mister Twister design team is constantly working to develop new baits to give anglers an edge. The Swimsation by Mister Twister is a bass catching machine.

Swimsation by Mister Twister

Swimsation by Mister Twister

Swimsation By Mister Twister With Clent Davis

With the help of professional tournament angler Clent Davis, Mister Twister designed and introduced the Swimsation. Packed with features, the Swimsation drives any bass to strike. The Swimsation’s front appendages are curly tails to produce lift, glide, and pulsating action. The Swimsation also has an oversized paddle tail which kicks at all speed ranges. The entire body is ribbed and covered with “poc’it” chambers to increase water disturbance. For anglers who use scents, these chambers are very effective at holding the scent and allow more casts between applications. The body of the Swimsation has an intriguing hourglass shape. Mister Twister describes the shape on their website as, “The thinned middle allows the tail a much greater range of motion when swimming through the water than other swim bait style soft plastic lures.”

I have been fishing the Swimsation for a couple months now, and it has been extremely productive. Due to its versatility, the Swimsation is truly a ‘one bait fits all presentations’ soft plastic lure. The Swimsation can be fished in all water columns and speeds. From casting and letting it fall like a soft plastic stick bait to buzzing it across the surface around cover, the Swimsation has produced for me in every application. Darryl at Mister Twister explains, “I spent hours with Clent Davis on the water and at a swimming pool trying to get the prototype just right. Clent wanted a very specific swimming action.” Clent has won a lot of money swimming soft plastics on the major circuits; it only makes sense for Mister Twister to build a swimming style bait around Clent’s experience.

The Swimsation is designed to rig on a weedless, weighted swim bait hook and fished with a cast and wind retrieve. By varying the weight size and retrieve speed, anglers can dial in any specific depth. The Swimsation is available in eleven bass-catching colors. My favorite and most productive colors have been Houdini, with Bluegill Flash and Baby Bass come in a close second.

Over the last couple months, I have caught fish on the Swimsation with any application possible for a soft plastic. For starters, I fished the Swimsation as recommended by Darryl and Clent. Using a 1/8th-ounce swimbait hook and a simple cast and retrieve presentation, I was able to catch bass around dock pylons and pole timber. Bass would strike with a vengeance, so there were no issues with hook ups.

I love paddle tail baits over vegetation. With the Swimsation tail action, I wanted to see how well it performed on the surface. With a weightless swimbait hook, the Swimsation was amazing on the surface. For starters, the paddle tail is extremely noisy and splashes water as it’s pulled across the surface. The bait rises to the surface quickly because of the gliding curly tail arms on the front of the bait. With the curly tails moving and the paddle tail splashing back and forth, the whole bait rocks side to side and the flakes in the bait provided tremendous flash. The flash and commotion enticed vicious surface strikes over hydrilla and lily pads alike.

I don’t have the patience to fish a soft plastic stick bait in the traditional manner of cast and let it fall slowly to the bottom. However, even the strongest bass catching patterns will disappear on high-pressure post front days; this presentation will save a fishing trip. Using the Swimsation in a cast and fall presentation has been effective when I encounter these conditions. Rigged weightless, I can cast the bait next to cover and let it sink to the bottom to produce strikes. I find it much more effective than a soft plastic stick bait. This effectiveness may simply be confidence because I can visualize the Swimsation’s features working as the bait slowly falls creating a slow, tantalizing action.

No matter what season, I can guarantee the Swimsation will have a place in my daily tournament arsenal. When I look at the next day’s fishing, how I’m going to rig the Swimsation is the question on my mind, not whether I need to use it.

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