Luke Clausen, The Future

Luke Clausen of Spokane Valley, Washington, lead from start to finish and destroyed every record in his path on his way to victory at the 2006 Bassmaster Classic.  Clausen became one of the youngest anglers and the first ever from the “West Side” to win the event that usually makes an anglers career.  Just think about the $500,000 that was paid out to him for his victory.

The Toho-Kissimmee Chain had everything that you would want for such a big time event.  It had all the favorable elements-record setting water, spawning season, moon phase, and the best sight fishermen in the bass fishing world.

Terry Scroggins, KVD, IKE, Preston Clark, Edwin Evers and Aaron Martins were all popular picks to win at Toho.  Luke Clausen wasn’t even on the radar when the Classic began.  Why not?  Was it because he was the youngest in the field of 51?  Was it because he traveled some 2,500 miles to get to Florida from Washington State?

Im not real sure that I can answer my own questions from above, but the bass world had better pay attention to Luke Clausen.  At 27 years of age this kid from out west has won the two biggest fishing tournaments known to man kind.  In 2004 Clausen won the FLW Championship as a rookie.  That’s right a rookie.

Clausen got his start on the salmon and steelhead waters in Washington and Idaho.  Here he experienced success at every level that he competed.  Competing in tournaments at the young age of 15 with his father forced him to compete on the toughest weather lakes that you could imagine.  The Pacific Northwest weather can be brutal even on the calmest days.  Fishing in the wind became a strength of Clausen.  Plus add in the fact that he can analyze and adjust to changing weather conditions made the change in weather on Toho work to his advantage.

Starting at the grass roots level of fishing in his home state, Luke Clausen showed quickly that he possessed the ability to catch fish in any situation.  Graduating from Eastern Washington University with a major in Business Management and Marketing, and a minor in Management Information Systems shows he has thought long and hard about his chosen career in professional bass fishing.  Very sociable although seemingly soft spoken, Clausen seems to have experience in the business side of things as he has held some major sponsors in his short career.  Luke Clausen has been sponsored by Chevy Trucks, Triton Boats, Ranger Boats, Mercury Marine and Yamaha Outboards among many others.

On Luke Clausen names Kevin VanDam as his angling hero.  “Because of his ability to dominate the sport the way he has.”  In five years I dare to say that Luke Clausen will be listed as the angling hero of many that has chosen to follow this great sport of professional bass fishing.

Bass world look out, because I’m here to tell you the future is now in Luke Clausen.


Keith Redd (reddman)

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