Lake and Ramp Responsibility

Mad as Hell and Not Going To Take It Anymore!!!

The summer is fast upon us, and the parade of out of town folks has taken it’s toll.  As the year rolls on, some of us need to remember when it is their time and their “Turn at the Wheel” As Mat Vincent Explains in BassMaster Magazine.

We all need to accept our responsibility when it comes to lake and ramp maintenance. As I see it, if we don’t accept our turn at the wheel, expect somebody else to do the job, it will not get done. If you use our resources, you need to take your turn.

What I am referring to is garbage. I know I have written about this before, but If we don’t each accept our responsibility to take our turn at the wheel, it will be too late, and we will all find ourselves fishing amongst things in the water that we would never imagine would be there.

Today, the day after the 4th of July weekend holiday, What I found at my local boat launch, is the nightmare coming true. Condoms, Needles and Beer caps, among the rest of the cast off trash. All in the water and ankle deep. Where it used to be just cigarette butts and cans, turned into something worse, much, much worse.

With the masses of disrespectful people, taking over a state park/boat ramp and turning it into a landfill/tolilet, I can tell where these people all come from.

These are not people that live in the rural areas of our park, but the city’s that are close by.

These are the people, who in their daily lives, see garbage up and down their roads and streets and are used to it. They do not have any problems living with this and feel that they can do it where ever they go.

They come to our parks and Boat ramps about 4 times a year with the holidays. They bring their entire population of their apartment buildings in their minivans, along with their BBQ’s, coolers, and now the above mentioned items.

They park their cars in any body’s driveway, blocking anybody that needs to get out. They play their gangsta rap music as loud as they want, not even thinking about any children that might be within listening range,nor do they care. They come in, take over, trash our parks and lakes, and then leave us their garbage. I a mad as hell, and am not going to take it anymore.

I know this might sound as if I am just an old busybody who just needs to complain, but I feel like it is my Turn at the Wheel, and I just want to drive over these people and their disrespect for our homes and parks.

Scott Perratti
The Rockin’ Angler

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