Kids Fishing Day

Winners at Kids Fishing DayA few weeks ago I received a phone call asking if I would like to visit and help with a Kid’s Fun Day & Fishing Tournament. The event would take place on False River at Jim’s landing on Saturday June 18, 2005. The whole day would be centered on the kids and fishing, with a few games thrown in. This is a yearly event that the Bounty Hunter Bass Club from Walker, La. and the Association of Louisiana Bass Clubs work together to bring kids to the fishing sport that we love so dearly. As with any event, there are many fine folks who work behind the crowds that can’t be seen. I would like to thank them and everyone that was involved with this worthwhile event called Kid’s Day.

Johnny Moore, founder and President of Bounty Hunter Bass Club, buzzed me a few weeks before this event was to take place. He ask if I could make a special appearance as a guest and Pro Staff Member of Sqworm Tackle and Ambush Lures. I told him that I would love to attend and spent the day working with the kids. In fact my wife Merila and I brought our 4 year old nephew with us so he could join in the fishing fun too. We not only had a blast showing the kids all about fishing and tackle, but we got to help catch a few fish. That’s always a bonus for me! The Bounty Hunters had the weigh-in set up just like a big time tournament would be and the kids had a ball walking through the lines to the scales. I really believe that every single kid weighed in fish that day that is more than I can say for myself sometimes. If you could have only seen their happy little faces while weighing in their fish and hearing their names called out over the loud speaker. It made every one of them feel like Pro’s.

Brian with a bike won at the Kids Fishing DayWhile some of the Bounty Hunters were hard at work keeping the books and weights logged in, a few of them were getting the afternoon door prizes ready. It takes a lot of work from a lot of devoted people who believe in what they are doing to pull off an event like this. I must say that nobody went away without several prizes in their hands. Every child got a special 2005 round medallion to wear around their neck and a certificate for fishing the tournament. There were also some great looking trophies given away with some cold hard cash. I heard one parent saying that his daughter had won a trophy and more cash than he had won the week before in his club tournament. It just goes to show how well put together this event was. Then at the end of the door prizes there were 4 special names drawn for 4 good looking Mountain Bikes. You should have seen the looks on the faces of these kids as their names were called out to pick out the bike of their choice. Even our nephew won one of the bikes that were given away. He is still talking about how he won the bike and how much fun he had at the fishing show.

After the door prizes were given out, Johnny Moore, Ricky Naquin and I gave a few demo rides out to the kids with our boats. That seemed to excite them too, getting to ride in a bass boat. I also think some of the grown ups liked the demo rides too. One of the Louisiana State Team Nitro Boats which belongs to Ricky Naquin, who along with Johnny Moore, put on a good showing for the kids, as well as the Pro Staff Teams of Ambush Lures, V&M Tackle (Bayou Outdoors),and Sqworm Tackle. I look forward to next year’s event where Sqworm Tackle, Ambush Lures and I can really get involved with Johnny and his great group of Bounty Hunter Bass Club helpers.

The Bounty Hunter Bass Club is surely making an effort to help get the young kids hooked on fishing and not the other evils of the world. Like I always say, “Please take a child fishing, it just might make you a star in their little eyes”! Also take the time to spend it with a child because they are indeed the future of our great sport of bass fishing. If you recall, it wasn’t to long ago that we were in their shoes and I’m glad that someone was there to care enough to teach me about fishing and the great outdoors!

On behalf of Sqworm Tackle and Ambush lures, I thank Johnny and his crew so much for asking me to take part in such a special event. I look forward to many more years of helping your club members out with this great fishing day put aside for the kids. I also want to thank Johnny and Joe Ann Moore and all the members of the Bounty Hunter Bass Club that worked so hard to plan and put on this great event! I know that a lot of work was involved into putting this great day together. Also many thanks to the other sponsor’s who helped with both the door prizes and food that brought a lot of happiness to a large group of kids, including myself. Also a big thanks to Chef KD from Baton Rouge, who was not only the Master of Ceremony, but also filmed the entire event for one of his upcoming Sportsman Shows on Television.

This event just keeps growing each year with well over 100 young anglers taking part this year! Something we can all be proud of for sure. Until next year, tight lines & happy fishing! Also please remember to say a pray for our Troops overseas; it is because of them that we have this great “FREEDOM” of ours!

Ricky Ingram

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