Fishing with Dad

Logan Redd fishing with her Dad.

Logan Redd fishing with her Dad.

I love to go fishing with my dad because we catch a lot of fish and ride the boat really fast.  We ride close to 80 miles per hour.  Mom doesn’t like to go that fast.  I like to ride the tube while my dad goes fast.  Sometimes my dad rides with me, and my mom drives the boat.

I have a bunch of fishing tackle.  My favorite bait is the spinner bait.  I will play with the frog lures while my dad fishes.  Dad gets some lily pads off the lake for me but they are slimy and gooey.   In between fishing, I jump in and get wet.

One time, while at the pool, my dad and I walked down to the pond and fished.  I threw a senko around some bushes at the pond, and the fish swam away with the senko.  I set the hook and caught the fish; it was about 3 pounds.  I caught another one later on in the day.  I told mom at the pool.

I drive the boat too and it’s really fun to ride because it goes really fast.  The fastest my dad has been with me is 75 miles per hour.

Logan Redd
8 years old

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