Dumb as a Rock Fisherman

It always amazes me how someone who can be so smart can also be dumb as a rock, me.  It all starts with this past Sunday’s tournament.

The pre-fish the day before went well…well sort of.  Though I did not catch any fish, I figured that it’s o.k., I’m pre-fishing and that is all, finding fish for the next day’s tournament.  My co-angler however managed to hook 3 nice smallies.

Now here’s where the dumb part comes in: I refused to copy his lure, style, retrieve and depth.  Think about it, if your buddy’s catching ’em and you’re not what do you do?  You throw what he’s throwing right?  Wrong.  It’s ok that I did not assimilate him on the pre fish day, it’s not ok that I didn’t on tournament day.  What was I thinking?  What was I pre-fishing for?  Who caught who?

I tell this tale so hopefully no one makes the same oversight, no matter how long you’ve been fishing, and how many titles and tournaments you’ve won, make sure to learn every time you’re on the end of a rod, even when you’re not as dumb as a box of rocks.

Scott Perratti
“The Rockin’ Angler”

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