Daiwa to Pflueger

Pflueger reels

Pflueger reels

My decision to change my arsenal from a Daiwa house, to a Pflueger stable was not an easy decision to make. In early 2006 I began having quality issues when I switched my line of choice from mono to braid. The issue was the stripping of gears upon hook set on braided line using soft plastics. In May of 2006 I ordered the series of DVD’s titled “Classic Patterns” and made it a point to watch who best matches my style of fishing, and what reel choice they incorporated into our similar styles of fishing.

After watching the entire set of DVD’s in one sitting, it was an easy decision to make, and hands down it was Tim Horton. His style of fishing most resembled my way of bait presentation, and force from which I make my hook sets.

Pflueger Series Reels

Pflueger Series Reels

I did not dive in by replacing all of my reels in one shot, but rather I bought one, and did everything I could to abuse it. My reel of choice for this test was the Pflueger Trion Series, model# PFLTRIONLP, in right handed use in 6.3:1 for quick retrieval speeds (NOTE: These reels do not have magnetic spool control so if you are a beginner or novice in the use of bait casting equipment, then these reels are not for you). I left it in the weather, submerged it in water continuously, locked the drag down as tight as I could, and made several thousand casts with it over a month’s period of time.

The first reel I used was/is spooled up with Power Pro #30 in deep green. It is matched up to a 7’6” Shimano CRUCIAL Rod in medium heavy. After this initial test set up I was very pleased with the character of this reel. Its low profile design fits comfortably in the palm of my hand and does not cause fatigue in tournament situations. Also, the reel seems to be designed specifically for braided line as it comes off the spool as smooth and evenly as it returns to the spool on retrieve. With the success of the Trion, I decided to broaden my horizons by moving to the next level in the Pflueger line up, the President series.

The Pflueger President series of reels are the next step up from the Trion series reels. The obvious differences are their looks and profiles. While the Trion is sleek and smooth in it’s looks, the President is heavier and bulkier piece of equipment. In quality, the differences stand out with an additional 4 stainless steel bearings over the five stainless ball bearings of the Trion model. Both reels feature a “Uni-Lok” bearing to prevent reel reversal which means there is no handle play in these reels. Both reels also feature titanium line guide as well as solid aluminum frames.

The only negative I found with the President series was the need to break the reels in. It took a couple trips out to the lake to get the reel loosened up to where the line came off the reels fluidly.

In my opinion, and after purchasing 3 each of the Trion and 3 each of the President Series reels, that both are made of the highest quality materials, thus making it not necessary to spend the extra money for the President over its little brother, the Trion. Because both are very well constructed, comfortable, smooth, and a personal preference that boils down to what your budget can afford. You can expect to pay around the one hundred dollar mark for the Trion, and the one hundred-fifty dollar mark for the President. Both reels are also available in left handed models for those south paws out there.

I have found over the past several months that these reels perform extremely well in most lure choices and configuration. They work well with spinner baits, crank baits, plastics, and most importantly for me… braided line.

Pflueger has regained its quality and performance that most of us remember from our childhood. Pflueger is a product that was built like a tank, and built to outlast a generation.

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