Clark Reehm on Lake Guntersville

The Elite Series is underway at Lake Guntersville. Clark Reehm called me last night after getting back to his room to give his predictions for this event. At 10 PM he was still working on his rods and had another sponsor to call. On a night where I would be wanting to get in bed as early as possible Clark was still working and getting ready for the tournament. I asked him if this was normal, he replied that he was actually ahead of the game tonight. Clark figures the cut weight after two days will be about 37 pounds. “I figure it will take an average of about 18.5 pounds a day to win, could be slightly more if someone sticks a good fish”, Clark went on to say that on this lake it’s completely possible to hit a 9 pounder but thinks big fish of the event will come in at 7.5 pounds. So we’re looking at around 74 pounds to win unless that person also hits a big fish then it could be a little bit more. A major player in this tournament is going to be the shad spawn according to Clark. “The water is warming up and the shad are going to start spawning all over the lake, some anglers have already found some, however I haven’t”. There is a cold front moving across the area this weekend so it’s going to be spotty on the spawning shad and if the water cools too much it could hurt those that are counting on it, looks like it could really go either way at this point, we’ll just have to watch and see. Water conditions are getting worse! “It’s not terribly muddy, but with the previous weeks rains and run off still coming down river, I expect the muddy water conditions to get worse as the event goes on.” Clark went on to say, that current can be a real good thing on Guntersville, however, they are actually holding water in the lake to prevent dam problems in the lakes downstream. According to Clark, if they get to a point that they can start generating water from the lake we might see a major slug fest but no one is expecting that to happen anytime soon. Reaction baits! Anglers are catching fish on spinnerbaits, crankbaits, swimbaits and chatterbaits. If you were going to fish Guntersville right now, pick your confidence bait and go out and catch the biggest bag of fish you can. Clark said, “the fish just haven’t moved out yet”, he went on to say “the grass isn’t as good as it has been in previous years, but fish are still holding pretty shallow.” After talking with Clark, it looks like it could be anyone’s tournament. He said that he has found some fish but they are scattered over several spots and he knows that he is going to have to share the water with a couple other anglers. Last year Clark brought in a nearly 30 pound stringer while fishing these lake during the elites, but do to a tough day one he was unable to catch the leader. I for one am looking forward to Clark knocking this one out of the water!! Mike Cork

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