Buying a Bite

As the end nears of fishing from the boat, I guess it’s time to reflect and learn of the previous year. As all good little anglers are supposed to do each year, what I have done right and wrong.  Well, let’s see… Let’s start with the last month or so, where the lake I fish everyday, turns into my bitter adversary. A lake that does not want to give a guy a break no matter what you try, using artificial lures.  As a boat ramp groupie, I talk to everybody that comes off the water, and for the month of October into November, out of the last 3 tournaments held, none came home with limits. In fact 94.5% of the anglers came home with nothing. Zero. Nada. That’s with about 40-60 guys per tournament!  Flash back to a June tournament with about 120 anglers. Every boat comes back with fish, and the winning weight was 40 plus lbs! I have never seen a lake shut down tighter than this one. Though I guess that’s what I get for living in New England!

Well that’s where my year end reflection come to mind. It’s not about all those great days all summer, I finish the year defeated, humiliated, and ready to throw in the towel – not really, I do this to myself every year!  So this is where I start to get ready for next season.

I have been perfecting my newly acquired drop shotting technique.
I have finally started making my own custom spinnerbaits and swim baits.
I have slowed down a notch, and I think this time it will stick till next year.
I tried to be a kinder jet ski hater!

But I also reflect on the things that I didn’t do but hope to improve soon…

To take better care and maintenance to my boat and motor.
To pick up more garbage in the lake.
To stop buying every new lures that come my way.
To fish different lakes instead of the same one most all year.

As snow has already fallen, the lake draw down is in progress, and winter is almost here…The last part of my list to improve myself and to find a place in the southern states to reside during these horrible cold times without fishing. I really hate winter!

Scott Perratti
“The Rockin’ Angler”

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