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large mouth bass picBass Fishing is one of those crazy sports that when you get hooked you usually put a lot of time into the best way to win the game. How do I know this you ask? Well, I am the owner/opperator of a bass fishing home page. I get to talk to a lot of bass fishermen and women who visit our online community everyday.

Bass fishing can be a sport that you participate in as a hobby or it can be a very competitive sport if you belong to a bass fishing club or organization.  If you belong to a bass fishing club you usually have a

club tournament once a month through out the year. In bass fishing tournaemnts the anglers are fishing for Largemouth and smallmouth bass and sometimes depending on the region kentucky spotted bass.

The equipment used for bass fishing varies with technique. Bass fishing almost always involves a rod, reel, and a lure. The lure can be a plastic worm using a Texas rig or a Carolina rig are the most common. There are also topwater and spinnerbaits as well as many others. You can find tips on fishing techniques in our forums.

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If you are interested in finding out more about the sport of bass fishing you can visit our bass fishing message board and the reports area where you will find several tactics for catching bass. You can also visit our bass fishing products for bass fishing ebooks.

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