Bass Fishing Superstitions

I see some funny things on the tournament trail.  Things I wouldn’t write home to tell mama.  You see some of these things I’ve seen are down right loony.  Do ya give up?  We all do it, some don’t even know.  It’s pre-tournament Superstitions.  Yep, these stupid little things we all do the week waiting for the day.  The day where it all comes together with all the little quirks that we popped into our heads, we think are going to bring us luck that following Sunday.  That perfect stringer, the mass media, hysteria, sponsorships, contracts, boats, trucks, ESPN in your face, and hanging with Van Dam and Ike.

But lets go back to the week prior, before your big break…


The jelly has to go on the left bread; I put my left shoe on first, always.  I don’t shave for practice, and while practicing, if I stick a fish, there will be four more on the day of competition. I remember I used to bring certain lures from the boat indoors at night to keep them warm for the following day. Or to go to sleep an hour early, and not sleep at all. When I pee, it had better not miss, nor stop before the end.  And I got way too many “Lucky” hats.  I change hats 5 times a day.  Don’t even let me get started about changing my line; I could go on for days. How long do I use it?  And my knots have to be perfect, or I cut them off and start again with my lucky sunglasses on.


I have to catch the clock at 4 a.m. before the alarm goes off, pump the perfect gas pump, make the green light, eat, drink, sleep, and dream.


Well I think we all have our little habits, things we just must do, and to beat this thing called Superstition.  I think it could be a good thing, or just down right loony.


Scott Perratti
“The Rockin’ Angler”


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