Bass Fishing Radio and Podcasts

Tired of reading the same old bass fishing magazine articles? What angler doesn’t want to up their game with the most up to date bass fishing information? Try listening to bass fishing radio and podcasts. There are many entertaining and informative shows out there on the world wide web. I have recently discovered this form of media and have applied what I’ve learned from these shows to better success on the water. Here’s a review of some of the more common bass fishing radio and podcast stations. Give each show a try. No matter an anglers flavor, there is something for everyone in this line up of bass fishing radio and podcasts!

Bass Fishing Radio and Podcasts

Bass Talk Live:

Bass Talk Live, or BTL, airs live two times a week and is available by replay. This is clearly one of my favorite bass fishing shows. Hosts Mark Jeffreys and Matt Pangrac work extremely well together and are very entertaining. BTL regularly has professional bass fishermen from both the Bassmaster Elite Series and FLW tour as frequent guests as well as other fishing industry professionals. For the professional bass fishing fan this show is a must. BTL provides up to the minute tournament coverage for all tours and they often challenge viewers/listeners on ways to improve the sport of professional bass fishing. In addition to tournament coverage, the professional angler interviews provide a wealth of bass fishing information.

Bass Edge Radio:

Bass Edge Radio podcast airs twice a month. This is my favorite show for in depth bass fishing techniques from the pros. Hosts FLW Tour Pro Kurt Dove and Aaron Martin (not to be confused with Aaron Martins) does an excellent job of interviewing the guest professional angler from either the FLW Tour or Elite Series. This show is all about diving into the techniques from the pros. As a bonus, listeners can submit questions for guest professional anglers and win a prize if Bass Edge Radio uses the question on the show.

Ike Live:

Ike Live airs weekly as a live web cast and is available by replay. Bass Professional Pete Gluszek joins Elite Series Pro Mike Iaconelli along with a great compliment of friends. Ike Live covers a wide variety of topics including professional bass fishing and the relationships within the sport. Mike has a “no holds barred” approach to the show and gives the listener an appreciation for the behind the scenes of professional bass fishing. He does this along with a good dose of comedy and an occasional discussion about random things non-fishing related topics. He has a great line up of guests from the Elite Series and FLW Tour as well as fishing industry insiders. Ike Live definitely keeps me laughing and I usually take away a greater understanding of the bass fishing profession as well as learning the latest bass fishing technique.

Bassmaster Radio:

Bassmaster Radio is a weekly radio broadcast available live or by replay. Host Thom Abraham interviews professional anglers from the Elite Series and the Bassmaster Opens as well as Bass Angler Sportsman Society industry professionals. This is a timely show with interviews from the winning angler from the most recent tour event. There is a nice variety of tournament coverage blended with the “how to” to keep everybody interested.

Bassmaster Podcast: cast

Bassmaster Podcast is a regular broadcast which usually coincides with the Elite Series schedule. It is available by replay. The podcast gives listeners a behind the scenes look at B.A.S.S. and includes pre-tournament discussions, predictions, tactics, and strategies. Bassmaster Podcast is a must for the fantasy fishing fanatic. Bassmaster Podcast goes in depth for fantasy fishing lineups predictions and results.

FLW Podcasts:

FLW Podcasts is a regular podcast coinciding with FLW Tour events. It is available by replay as a podcast. Hosts Jody White and Kyle Wood do a good job of interviewing their guest professional angler about the FLW Tour and tips and techniques for success on the water. This is the perfect show for the FLW fan.

Bass Fishing Radio and Podcasts wrap up

There it is, my favorite bass fishing radio and podcasts! There are many bass fishing shows and podcasts available to keep both the hard-core bass fisherman as well as the novice angler interested and entertained. I’ve only discovered bass talk radio and podcasts less than a year ago and already my success on the water has increased! I recommend any bass fishing “junkie”, like myself, give these bass fishing radio shows and podcasts a try. I find them highly entertaining and even learn a thing or two!

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