Bass Club Appreciation

It all started before first light as our bass club gathers at the ramp getting ready to have a great day of bass fishing. My partner looks at me and says “I should of staid home and slept it’s going to be along day.” Still to this day I don’t know why he said that as it was a cool fall morning but nothing that would stop you from fishing, in fact the fishing should be great. He was just strange like that, a funny old fisherman, the best partner to ever come down the line, we always thought as one while on the water and normally worked well as a team. In his case, just one of those days I guess.

With all the boats in the water safe light is here and the tournament is under way. We were lucky enough to draw second boat for take off, so our spot was ours for at least the morning bite.

Being able to get to our spot first started the day off great for me; that along with the right gear on hand and everything I needed to catch the fish that would hopefully bring home the money. However; as luck would have it, the fishing gods where not on my side this day. They where in the other boats with my friends and fellow club members, helping them making record catches. I used every bait I had, presentations I was confident in for the season, and even tried thing I learned on Ultimate bass. It just wasn’t in the cards for me this day. I had to call it a day with an empty sack to show for all my work.

I imagine after waking up and feeling the sun warm his older bones (we won’t call him old again), my partner turns his feelings of the day around and starts to enjoy his fishing; while me on the other hand, well let’s just say I have become very frustrated and anxious. I began to think of giving up bass fishing and finding a sport that I could be good at. I had spent the last six year working on saving my club from going under. The membership had dropped from 30 plus members to a low of only 10 a few years back. I worked very hard with membership drives, beating the boat ramps and advertisements where ever I could; membership was back to 30 and growing. So I felt I had done my work well and the club was to stay around for many more years.

As the tournament day came to an end, I finished handing out the winnings it felt good to me knowing that at least I can leave knowing everyone will say Kevin did not run when the times where hard and he always run a clean and fair tournament. Then out of the blue the president says to me; “We got something for you Kevin, for all your hard work keeping the club together and all these years of running a fair tournament. We bought you a little gift of gratitude”. A custom made rod with the club name, the year and my name written in the finish!

I never really thought they realized how much work and time I spent on keeping the club alive. I always assumed they figured I would handle it while they all just set back and fished. So now I think to my self what a great day of fishing I had on that cool fall morning. I guess they get to set back and fish again next year as I got their backs covered! So off to buy next year’s permits and set up what lakes they get to vote on for next season.

I guess what I am getting at with this story is that a bass club is a great way to socialize with other men and women that have something in common with you. If you work hard for your club the membership will recognize that, or at least mine did! When I am out with my club even on a bad day at least I am still fishing and doing something I enjoy.

Kevin Wilder,
Kal-Valley Bass Club
Tournament Director

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