Anything For a Buck

In asking anybody for anything, one must be crazy!  I don’t know you, you don’t know me. Why should I even give you the time of day?  I swear the amount of begging one must do, I wonder if there are any other professions where the talent has to do the solicitations. Where the angler is the complete team, all other sports are multi person companies.

How self assuring is it to have most non endemic companies not even know the first thing about our sport and what is involved as far as financing goes, and what bang they get for their dollar.  Just one airing of an info-commercial can easily pay for a whole season of top tournament fishing. The number of anglers sleeping in their trucks and eating whatever they can is astounding! All the while 90 percent of these anglers are sponsor free.

The whole idea of securing monies in order for you to go fishing, to me, is like pulling teeth. In fact I still prefer a good old fashion root canal than to the daily rejection letters. All the while the requests go out daily maybe to the one person who might take notice and realize that the advertising deal of a lifetime is on the other end of that letter.  Just looking at billboards, newspaper ads, and television, the money that is spent is mind-boggling!

I have purchased the Fish For Free book from Scott Rauber, the Iconnelli C.D., Tim Tucker’s insider, and anything else I could find. While the resources I mention here, are the best I have found, I am still desperately looking to find another medium for solicitations. Have you ever noticed how boxers are now writing their sponsors name on their backs?  While I am willing to go one further, I will put my sponsor’s name on my truck, boat, shirt, hat, and anywhere else they want it.  Wait a second we already do that, and most anglers do it for free! And that is part of the problem. Maybe a sponsor tattoo on my forehead? Any company’s interested???

Scott Perratti
The “Rockin’ Angler”

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