Addicted?…Who Me?

This will be no surprise to anyone reading this, but bass fishing is extremely addictive!!!! I have been fishing ever since I was 10 years old catching minnows with a few friends in local streams, in the…

This will be no surprise to anyone reading this, but bass fishing is extremely addictive!!!! I have been fishing ever since I was 10 years old catching minnows with a few friends in local streams, in the UK where I once lived. I moved up the fishing ladder by starting to chase bigger fish and eventually I got into fly fishing for stocked brown and rainbow trout. When I moved to Korea for work I stopped fishing for a number of years. Then one day during the end of 2005 I found a Korean fishing site that had a few guys from the U.S. and some local Korean anglers posting reports of themselves catching BASS!!!! This quickly caught my attention. Up until that point I was unaware that there even any kind of game fish in Korea.

I looked for and found a fishing store that sold some cheap rods and reels, along with a few lures…..and in April of 2006 I was fishing for Bass for the first time and actually caught one bass around 15 inches long that actually turned out to be full of eggs. From this point on I was never the same.

For the next several months I searched the internet looking for more waters that held bass close to where I lived and actually made several new friends in the process. I started to buy a new rod and reel every now and then, but good quality tackle was kind of hard to find for a foreigner in Korea at that time. I found more reports for Korean bass fishing and started to learn more about how to catch them, but I was not all that successful myself. So came the next step……I told my wife I wanted a small portable boat with an electric trolling motor and in September of 2006 that became a reality. The first time on the water was an amazing feeling and I even caught 2 personal bests on that maiden voyage.

But then winter came and cabin fever hit me hard. In January 2007 I found and joined the forums and began to read and learn. This is where things really started to change. I was seeing photos of what a real bass boat looked like and I wanted a piece of the action, but I had just bought my little Portabote and the waters I fished are not suitable for a real bass boat, so I started to compromise. I turned my little 10 foot folding boat into a full, small water bass boat. See photos in another of my articles!! This article will be up shortly.

I have been a member of ever since and quickly became apart of the family there and became a Charter Member. I have made many new cyber friends there and I still learn so much from this amazing source of bass fishing information. I eventually became a Life Member and was even asked to become a part of the moderation staff which I jumped into with both feet.

Also during the early months of 2007, I found and joined a local Bass Fishing club (UBWC) of which I am still a member and the only non-Korean member. We have a small tourney each month, of which I have won once and came second in another. These 2 great finishes were a direct result of what I learned from

To add to my addiction, in June of 2007 I actually caught and brought home with me a small 9 inch bass that I caught from a virtually dried up pond during a very dry summer season. I still have that very same bass (named TC) in my aquarium in my home and he has now reached a size of around 12~13 inches. I have learned so much from watching his behaviors during feeding and different weather changes. Find out more in another of my articles!!

After only 3 years of chasing my quarry of Bass, buying and modifying my boat and just shopping for tackle, I will be the first to admit that I am in fact addicted, my wife even asked me a few weeks ago (in a semi-serious manner) what I loved the most, FISHING or HER??

My next step is to begin making my own tackle. I will begin with making spinner baits as these are one of my favorite techniques for catching bass. Who knows what will be next…, pouring plastic baits, painting hard baits to rod building??

I go fishing at every spare chance I get and one day when my working schedule suits I will begin fishing a more competitive way in the Pro/Am tournament series here in Korea.

Addicted to bass fishing??……..who me??

Steve Bell,

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