The Inchi Wacky

Welcome Aboard! What better way to say good bye to 2006 and get ready for spring in 2007 than reading about the newest cutting edge fishing technique to crossover from Japan to the United States since the dropshot technique. Many of us had to wait for the dropshot technique information to spread from the west coast to the east coast as it became popular in the U.S. Luckily for us east coast bass fishermen, things have changed. I am working very closely with Optimum Baits to bring these cutting edge techniques and information to the east coast bass fishermen as they spread into the U.S. No more waiting for the west coast bass fishermen to learn and experience these new techniques while we wait patiently for the information to spread to the east coast. The INCHI WACKY will be my seminar topic at many of the bass shows this winter for a more hands on question type instruction.

Now, what is INCHI WACKY. Basically, it is a modified finesse version of the popular bass fishing wacky worm technique that we fish here in the U.S.  For about a year now over in Japan, two Japanese Bass Pros, Takuma Hata of Zappu Inc. and Toshiro Ono of Jackall Inc. have been pioneering and perfecting this exciting new finesse style of wacky worming. No, you will not need to buy a new tackle box to fish this new technique, only a few inexpensive jig heads manufactured by Zappu Inc. (MSRP $6.25). These creative, V-shaped designed tungsten jig heads are the critical ingredient to the easiness to achieve the proper action of the bait as you fish the INCHI WACKY. The Japanese anglers and Zappu Inc. have experimented with many different types of hooks in the development of the Zappu Inc. Wacky Jig Heads. The V-shape, angled hook keeps the worm securely fixed on the hook while allowing the worm to have the irregular bass appealing and teasing action that the Japanese anglers Hato and Ono were looking for.  Accomplishing this made this the ideal technique for fishing deeper water and tougher condition areas such as rock piles, drop offs, and other vertical structure points. Some of the INCHI WACKY benefits over the traditional wacky style worm fishing are: More distance on your cast, fishing deeper water, quicker fall of your bait, easier to keep in contact with the bottom, and it creates a teasingly wicked, irregular action of the worm that mimics the lifelike action of a real worm in the water that even the most reluctant feeding bass cannot resist. A few of my favorite confidence plastic baits for the INCHI WACKY technique are the Optimum Baits Twin Teasers. These baits are soft and produce very realistic action with the real Rabbit Fur ends (MSRP $4.49). For more information on the Twin Teasers and Zappu wacky jig heads go to or call (951) 676-6384. You can also order these Optimum Bait products from the following W2 advertisers: Susquehanna Fishing Tackle,, (800) 814-7433, Hooker Bait & Tackle,, (757) 229-6609, Fishing Pro-Tech (757) 566-4307, Case Plastics new Wacky Jacks (MSRP $3.99) in the Natural and Roadkill colors. These new Wacky Jacks combine the durability I am looking for without compromising the lifelike action of the worm. For more information and to order, go to, (434) 374-0335. Another plastic bait to try is the Berkley Gulp Wacky Crawler, available at or many fishing tackle retailers.


One very critical step is hooking the plastic bait on the Wacky jig head properly. To do this, you simply insert the point of the jig head hook in the middle of the plastic bait. It must exit the bait at a 90 degree angle from the point of insertion. In the United States, it has become popular to use O-ring tools to attach small o-rings to the plastics while fishing the basic wacky worm technique. While it does make the plastics more durable and give the plastic a better action much of the time when fishing the basic wacky worm technique, I have experimented with the INCHI WACKY using the o-ring and I do not recommend it. My experience using the o-ring on the plastic bait while INCHI WACKY fishing is that you will lose control of your bait and have a negative effect on the action of your plastic bait. The end result for me using the o-ring on my plastic baits while INCHI WACKY fishing was NO BITES! I use a 6 foot medium light action spinning rod such as my St. Croix Premier PS60MLF. For more information on the St. Croix rods, I recommend Tochterman’s Bait & Tackle in Baltimore, Maryland (888-327-7744). As for fishing line, I use IZORLINE 8 or 10 pound test XXX Super Co-Polymer fishing line. For more information and to order go to, (252)221-8448. My choice of fishing rod and line is slightly heavier than what most of the information I am getting that the Japanese are using. You may have to go lighter on your rod action and line choice such as using a lighter pound test with fluorocarbon depending on the fishing area’s cover, structure, and water clarity.

Now! Let’s go INCHI WACKY fishing. There are several secrets to fishing the INCHI WACKY, the first secret is to keep slack in your line. By doing this you will find that you can softly keep shaking your rod tip while keeping control of your plastic bait keeping it where you want it. As you softly shake your rod tip, your plastic bait rigged on the Zappu Wacky jig head will present the most realistic teasing action of a worm possible. The end result will be that no bass is going to pass up this offer of a free meal. FISH-ON!

To fish bottom structure, you want to cast the INCHI WACKY and let it fall to the bottom. As the Wacky jig head falls to the bottom, it causes the plastic bait to roll back and forth, and once it hits the bottom you want to softly shake your rod tip. Continue working the INCHI WACKY rig back towards the boat in a hoping/free fall action, letting it contact the bottom on each fall while softly shaking the rod tip. Many of your hits will come as the INCHI WACKY is free falling. It is very important that you give this your total attention and concentration to avoid missing the free fall strike and with a little practice your hook will become very heavy FISH-ON!

Suspended fish are very easily lured by the INCHI WACKY as well. Cast just past the area the fish are suspended in and slowly swim the INCHI WACKY back towards the boat through the area the fish are suspended in. The secret here is to softly shake the rod tip as you are working the INCHI WACKY rig. The soft shaking of the rod tip will keep the slack in your line necessary for the plastic to have the teasing action the bass cannot resist. I do not use a massive hook set when fishing the INCHI WACKY, as I prefer a good strong snap of the wrist at the same time I start reeling in the line much as I do with my Tidal River Dropshot technique.

Hopefully, I have given you something to look forward to during the long, cold Cabin Fever season. Spring will be here soon.

Happy Holiday’s!
Good Fishing, Capt. Karl

Captain Karl Bunch, Owner/Guide for Karl's Bassin' Adventures is a  United States Coast Guard Licensed Captain, Red Cross CPR & First Aid certified and licensed in the State of Maryland and Commercially insured. We strictly Practice Catch & Release of Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass.
You can contact Karl’s Bassin’ Adventures at or phone # (410) 272-6940, cell # (410) 459-7445.

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