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In a series of articles, I’ve been discussing how to get bass fishing sponsors. I’ve talked about being ready to speak in public situations and using the internet to get your search rankings higher. Now I’m going to talk about local publication and media. This is an area that can’t be left out of the total package that is about getting you noticed and making you stand out from millions of other anglers.

Mike Cork

One of the simplest ways and most overlooked is your hometown newspaper. Sure many of us don’t read it anymore; the internet has helped that along. However, it is still a popular form of media. And when it comes to trying to obtain local sponsors, it’s vitally important. Many of us don’t have connections to achieve sponsorship straight from, say, a boat manufacturing company. That said, we look to local dealers and try and get on their promotional staff. After two or three years of working with a dealer, they may have the pull to get you a national spot. Your dealer is going to want to know how visible you are to the dealerships customer base or territory. Many anglers look to the local paper to find that small area known as the “Fishing Report” in the sports section. Contact the editor of the sports section and find out what it will take to get your local tournament results printed. Usually all it takes is submitting them. Most papers do not have the staff to track down this kind of information, but will gladly print it if available. Now when you place in your local tournaments, you can get that information published in the paper. While you’re at it, see if the editor would be interested in publishing a weekly fishing report. Nothing big, but some quick information on what the area lakes are doing. Tell the editor, you’ll do all the leg work for an honorable mention as the provider of information. Now you have two things in the paper; proof you can win a tournament, and you’ll become known as the information guy or gal. That will bump you up the list of potential candidates when it comes time to select new promotional staff for the dealership. You can get the dealership’s name seen.

Another place to get more local power to your name is with Marina Fishing Reports. Most of your bigger marinas have a website; they post fishing reports on these websites to attract anglers to their side of the lake. Contact the marina owners about providing a fishing report for an honorable mention. Most will jump at the chance to have an updated fishing report that isn’t cookie cutter from a seasonal pattern. This provides them with unique content and over time will draw more visitors to their website over the other marina websites and in turn draw more customers. You get another avenue to get your name know in the area, and puts your name even higher in that list of potential promotional staff candidates.

Fish tournaments that already have media coverage, either because of local news or magazines. The key here is to get noticed, and that usually happens by winning. Normally not an easy task but a very beneficial one if accomplished. You get a good check, your name gets printed, and you’ve gained some valuable experience that will further your bass catching career.

Many states have a sportsman’s magazine. Getting your article published in these magazines is huge. The biggest benefit is that boat dealerships and tackle stores have these magazines sitting right there on a rack inside the store. During slow periods, these magazines are read over and over by the employee’s and owners of these businesses. If your article has a photo with it, when you visit you’ll be recognized. Plus, photos speak volumes when it comes to advertising. If you are a regular in one of these magazines, a potential sponsor sees free advertising by having their product or product logo in the photo. Knowing that you can get them this kind of exposure, again moves you closer to the top of the list of potential promotional staff candidates.

Another very good avenue that will get you noticed is television news channels. This takes some effort, but if you can get with the sportscaster and let them know you’re available for interviews, several times a year there will be an opportunity to get some air time. It might be as simple as a quick clip about how the drought or excessive rain is affecting the water ways. It could be as important as how are the Elite Anglers going to fill their livewells next weekend. You never know when an opportunity is going to arise, but if the sportscaster doesn’t have your contact information and doesn’t know that you’re available to speak on these issues, he can’t call on you. Being a point of contact of this nature is very strong in a local community.

If you haven’t noticed already, it takes a lot of work on your part to get noticed. Unless you can catch double digit bass every time you’re on the water, you’ll have to work at it. You have to make the first move; you have to give up time to do the leg work, write the articles, make sure the media is there to cover your efforts or provide coverage for them. Getting sponsored is not easy, and being sponsored is even harder. However, if it’s your goal, then get to work.

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