Cleaning and Maintenance Tips For a Boat Trailer

A boat trailer is an essential part of your boating activity. This important addition to a boat is often neglected but it must be given importance. You must take care of your boat trailer just in the same way as you heed your boat. If you take some good preventative measures, your trailer will keep on providing you excellent service for years to come.

Many individuals who own custom boat trailers do not know the right way to maintain them. There are many major components of a boat trailer that need to be maintained properly. Some of them include coupler and ball, the winch, the trailer drawbar, the trolley wheel, suspension, wheels & bearings and the trailer lights. Mentioned below are some of the tips that would help you to take good care of your boat trailer.

Regular cleaning of boat trailers – To extend the life of your boat trailer, it is a must that you should wash it regularly. You must wash your trailer after every use with a specialized cleanser. Washing is one of the simplest ways to extend the life of your boat trailer.

Clean the wheels and brakes – When you are out in the water, your trailer’s wheels are always in contact with water. So, they need special attention while cleaning. Clean brake hubs thoroughly with fresh water to protect them from any kind of wear and tear.

Check corrosion, mainly in springs and bolts – Look if there is any kind of corrosion on the surface and replace the springs and bolts if they are badly rusted.

Keep the tires inflated – Under inflated tires wear out prematurely and are less efficient. They will also cost you more in gas. So, always keep the tires inflated to keep them running smoothly.

Ensure that all the lights on your boat trailer are working – If you find any dead bulbs, replace them as soon as possible. Also check the rubber seals around the lights for water tightness. You must check all the electrical connections to make sure that everything is in good running condition.

Regular greasing of ball bearings – Your boat trailer generally runs on ball bearings and they do require grease. Therefore, consider using grease that does not break down when exposed to sea water. Grease the ball bearings regularly to make them work properly.

Nuts and bolts – Check the nuts and bolts of your trailer to ensure that they are intact to provide you service without any inconvenience.

So, if you keep the above mentioned points in mind, you can take good care of your boat trailers. Your trailer will be in good running condition for years, if you will take good care of it.

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