Bass Fishing Log

In your continuing quest to become a better bass fisherman there is one simple process that will greatly improve your abilities.  That is to keep a fishing log of every trip you go on.  Log factors such as water and weather conditions, the structure and cover you were fishing, the bait and retrieve you were using; you will be able to review your successful days and your not so successful days when planning a trip in the future if you have it all down in a fishing log.  You will be able to quickly look up where the bass were and what they were doing, thus eliminating many hours of searching for a productive pattern.  After a few seasons you will learn that the bass tend to do the same things after a cold front, or when the water temp is in the 50’s, or when you have a summer rain shower.

We at Ultimate Bass have put together a fishing log that you can use to track the important factors of your fishing endeavors.  Through time on the water we have learned several things that a fisherman needs to key in on to help build a productive bass fishing pattern and we put all these factors on a single page (fishing log) that you can quickly check off your results.  You can print the fishing log straight from the web site, fill it out and start your very own logbook.  Or you can save it on your computer for easy access.  A logbook will increase your bass fishing abilities faster than any other single factor.

If you have never kept a bass fishing log you will find that things are easier to find and use if they are organized by date.  That will enable you to find successful fishing patterns for the season fast and effectively.  Print out a fishing log sheet and insert it into a sheet protector.  Add your fishing log to a three ring binder and you can even add tabs to make it easier to find the season or month you are planning a fishing trip for.

Ultimate Bass Fishing Log
(click the above link to view the Ultimate Bass Fishing Log)

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