Bass Boat Carpet Install

How to Install Bass Boat Carpet
So, it is time to replace your worn out bass boat carpet. Well, before you begin, it is best to get all your tools and materials together. Here is what I had on hand to do the job.


  • 1. Utility Knife [carpet cutting style]
  • 2. Plenty of utility blades
  • 3. Small clamps [8] If needed for the lid edges.
  • 4. Screw drivers- straight and phillips
  • 5. Channel locks, or pliers
  • 6. A straight edge
  • 7. Drill, with a stripping wheel
  • 8. Scraper
  • 9. Magic marker
  • 10. Tape measure
  • 11. A few disposable paintbrushes
  • 12. Vacuum
  • 13. Plenty of rags
  • 14. A large flat working area


  • 1. A good outdoor type Latex carpet glue
  • 2. Carpet
  • 3. Tubes of liquid nail

Now, let’s get started. First inspect your carpet. If you look at the backing you will notice the grain. It is very important to get the grain going in the same direction on the entire boat. Always keep the grain in your mind.

Remove all your storage compartment lids and hardware. After the boat is stripped, it is time to Scrape, Scrape, Scrape. Got to get the old glue off. After scraping the old glue off everywhere the boat was carpeted, take your drill with the stripping wheel and go over the areas that had glue on it. The cleaner the surface the better. Vacuum and wipe the areas down.

Now, set all of your compartments back on the boat, the way they would go back on the boat. Take your black magic marker and draw an arrow on the lids, and boat, the way the grain will go. This will help you not to put the grain the wrong way.Carpet instalation view A

Time to measure and cut the carpet. I started with the boat deck first. Take a rough measurement; make sure you allow more than enough carpet, so you can trim it. Make sure your grain is going in the right direction. Work on one section at a time. Once you get the carpet cut to the rough sizes for each section of the boat deck, you can glue it. Brush the glue; do not be stingy with the glue, on the cleaned surface. Let the glue start to dry, you will notice the color changing. Then lay the carpet on the boat [it helps to have another person for this]. Situate the carpet where you want it, and then start pressing and rubbing the carpet down, from the center to the edges. Let the excess carpet over hang the edges for now. Then follow the same procedure and work your way back to the back of the boat. Now, it is time to trim to fit. Press the carpet to the edges where you want to trim it. Carpet Install View BTake a Phillips screwdriver and run it along the edge, with pressure, where the trim cut will be. You will notice, the screwdriver will make a line on the edge. This is where you will cut it. Always do the cut on a 45-degree angle. Take your time and do the cut, then press the carpet around the edges. You can come back later and do more trimming after the glue dries. Well, take takes care of the boat deck.

Now, The lids. Before you do any cutting, check the grain. Take a rough measurement of the lid, remember you are going to wrap the carpet around the lid, and back up the inner wall. It is best to add an extra inch to each side of the lid, this way you have more than not enough carpet. Make sure you keep changing the blades after each couple of cuts. Make sure the lids have been wiped down, and then apply the glue on the top of the lid. Lay your carpet down with the backing up on a flat surface [remember the grain], then take the lid, top down, and place the lid on the cut carpet. You have to center the lid on the carpet. The best way I found to do the lids is to do all the lids at one time. This way you can cut all the corners and wrap all the lid sides at one time also. Now turn the carpeted lid over and press and rub the carpet from the center out to the edges.

After the lids are pretty much dried, cut the corners out. Place the lid, carpet side face down on a flat surface, and do the cuts as shown in Carpet Install view C. Cut all the corners this way, and wrap the carpet over the sides to check fit. Take your time; because if you cut it wrong you may have to re-carpet the lid all over again.

Time to wrap the carpet over the edges. I used liquid nails for this, cause it sets up quicker, and holds the carpet better. Apply the glue, or liquid nails to the edges, inside and out. Now wrap the carpet around the lid edges, pressing and rubbing at the same time. Once the carpet is holding to the edges, take your phillips screw driver and run it down the lid top where it meets the edges. Press hard so it is tight to the corner. Take your utility knife [ with sharp blades, keep changing ] and do your cut on a 45 degree angle. Then press and rub the areas to make the carpet stick better.

Cut out the areas where your handles go on the lids, and install them , and your hinges. Re- install your lids, and all other hardware on the boat. Now, stand back and look at what you have accomplished. A lot of work, but not only does your boat look great, but you have saved yourself about $1,200.

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