Bank Fishing Tips for Bass

This article will be more or less a sequel to my previous article about approaching a new pond or lake from the bank First Look at a New Lake/Pond In this article I will reveal some of the techniques I like to employ when I fish from the bank.

First I’ll go over my lure selection.
I will never go to any pond, or any body of water, without a 7″ blue fleck worm Texas rigged. I think a 7″ worm in this color is the most versatile lure around. It can be fished so many different ways. It can be slowly retrieved along the bottom and used to determine what is on the bottom of the lake, or it can be bounced like a jig. You can even swim it back with a steady retrieve. The options are endless.

Another lure I love to use is a quality buzzbait. Anyone who knows me very well knows that first thing in the morning I will be throwing this lure without fail. Of course the buzzbait has always been a good pruducer in low light conditions but it can also be utilized in the middle of the day. can be fished in the shallows or out in open water. i have found more success in using a matching trailer on the buzzbait than not. For stained or muddy water the only color I will even consider is a black and red buzzer with a red worm tail used as a trailer.

The last lure I won’t be found without is a crawfish of some sort. Usually a soft plastic version but none the less a crawfish. You will be hard pressed to find a fisheries that doesn’t have some population of crawfish in it. Smallmouth bass particularly love craws and largemouth sure won’t pass up a nice juicy craw either. like the previously mentioned lures they can be fished in just about any setting and still be successful almost year round.

Now when it comes to casting from the bank I have a certain way I prefer to do it. Some say I’m obsessive. I just think it is me being hard headed.

I always start out casting parallel to the bank. Even if there is a sharp drop off right in front of me I want to try and catch those shallow fish first. After casting both to my right and left parallel to the bank then I will start to fan my cast out. Starting at 10 o’clock and working around. if I don’t get any strikes I will move down to the point where my cast was reaching and start the process again. Yes i will be covering some of the same area again but I have had fish that wouldn’t hit a bait traveling one direction but for some reason hit it coming the oposite direction. Another thing is try not to fish to long in one spot. move around till you find out where the fish are. After you find them then you can stop and fish an area for awhile, but until then keep searching.

I also recommend traveling light if at all possible. When fishing from the bank I like to be able to pick up and move quickly if the fish have moved to a different area without having to pack up and pick everything up. Also the number one tool to have attached to you is a good set of fishing pliers. I like them to be able to remove hooks. cut line. bend a hook or whatever might be needed. Find the best pair you can afford and make sure they can do as much as possible so you’re not carrying around 5 different tools.

Just some more Tips and ideas to hopefully make your trip more successful. As always. Be safe and have fun above all.


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